Sometime i feel like i have no control on my action

Hey everyone I just wanna a little advice so please no stupid reply

Let me start on how I feel when am not on weed.
i just don't know what to do any more I feel like one day am not going to able to control myself. Sometimes when I have no weed lift in my house and iv gone a day with out weed in my system my minds gose crazy and I car't stop thinking off getting my knife and slicing someone's throat and sometimes i even have to urge to go upstairs and grab my army knife From my bag and go on the street on a rampage killing any one I don't like but the most ducked up thing is when am in that mood I feel good and I just wanna go and do it even more. And sometimes when am p***** of I like to Punch solid walls until my Hand is b***** and f***** from punching the walls door or whatever I can find and every punch I do and I feel the pain on my hand it feel good because it feels like it used to when iv ducked some one up and knowing the more it hurts me it's going to hurts theme even more.

Funniest thing is that when am on weed I don't care Or want to hurting Anyone any more I just wanna be in my own little world were no one can bother me and I don't need to think about how ducked up human races Is and the greed off man.

So if anyone else who have been the situation Like me please let me know how you delt with the problem.

Ps I have a loveing girl and a wonderful child and am happy with my life and family.

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