I hate hormones

Hey I am a female of 14 years of age. I hate these hormones! I usually try to be a model daughter, student, and follower in Christ. Here recently, despite not having any "crushes" so to speak, I like to look up pictures of naked guys with humongous penises, male pride, some say, and imagine them raping me. What is wrong with me? I also look up p*** and after all this internet activity clear any traces so my parents never find out. I could blame this on my hormones, I guess, and even fantasize being a s** slave! Guys I am worried about myself! Am I just sick for this?

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  • Its fine I do that too I'm 15 years old and a Christian. Nothing's wrong with you

  • You probably enjoy rape fantasies because if the s** is "forced" on you then it absolves you of your guilt. It's probably rape because you've been shamed out of thinking s** is okay. S** is okay lol. Enjoy your fantasies and be at peace with this natural part of human nature.

  • It is absolutely fine and natural. Some have higher s** drive than others and it's totally normal. Just stay safe and do work towards a bright future and stay happy ;-)

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