Me and my step brother

I was in my room one night about to go to sleep (naked) and my step brother comes in the room looking out my windows to see if his friends are here to pick him up yet.I told him to get out and that i was naked but he stayed and refused to leave.he gets in my bed and keeps saying that when he gets home he's gonna sleep in my bed, i keep telling him no and to get out of my bed but he doesn't, fast forward and he gets on top of me and dry humps me, i have no idea what to do so im being as still as can be not saying a word while he's asking me if i want 'it'. im 14 he's 17. my hormones are raging at this age so i want it just not by him or at this age point im ok with just masterbating so i tell him to get off me and to get out my room.we ended up talking and i told him how i dont want him like that. long story short i get pressured into having s** with him. every since then i've been hating myself for falling into it.i feel so ugly i can barley look at myself in the mirror, i have no pride.everyone says that i am so pretty and dress so well but i dont see 15 now and havn't told anyone this secret, ive been holding it in going crazy saying the most hurtful things to when i found this website i thought maybe this would help me love myself again and get it off my chest.

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  • Do not blame yourself ever for his actions he was the one that pressured you for his satisfaction.You are a beautiful person keep saying that to yourself. Look in the full length mirror and say I see a beautiful person and I love you.

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