Blowing my Straight Friends Husband ;-)

I am a gay man, with a crush on a married/straight/father for the past 10 years. I have never talked about it or acted on it out of respect for his wife, my best friend since we were 2 years old.

Last week they invited me for dinner and a movie so we could catch up and spend some time with their kids that affectionately call me "Uncle". After we had filled our bellies we all settled down to watch a animated movie. 15 minutes into the movie, everyone had passed out, except for the Dad and myself. We snuck out to smoke and before I know it, I am down on my knees, his monster c*** down my throat, asking myself if this is real. He stops me, lifting me up and directs me to follow him. Wiping my mouth, we enter a spare room, he strips down, completely naked grabs my head and (without resistance) resumes sliding his c*** in and out of my eager mouth. Eventually, I pull off and flip him over, spreading his bubble butt and r****** him, sending him into a state of blissful moans. I work his ass with my tongue until I feel him loosen up and without warning I slide my finger inside him, rubbing his prostate until it starts to harden. I flip him back over, swallowing him whole and work my mouth and finger in unison until he warns me of his impending o*****. He grabbed my by the back of the head, shoves his c*** all the way down my throat, thrusting load after load into me, pushing my finger deeper and deeper until he is completely drained. I slide off and out of him, savoring the taste and moment that just transpired. Naked, still hard, and covered in sweat he smiles at me and told me that was the best b****** he has ever had. I thanked him and told him that even if it never happened again, nothing would change between us and no one would ever know... He replied, "It might happen again..." :-)

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