My brothers wife

I f***** my brothers wife while he was out of town. I made sure that she knew she was nothing more than a cheap w**** to me. She totally loved it. I knew she was mine when she kept screaming my name while I drained my b**** inside her. Now every time I see her she makes sure she winks at me and finds a way to brush her ass against my crotch.

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  • I like Taboo. But I don't like hurting people forever.

  • U are a cheap d i c k to her too,she knew u will have no love or respect for your bro and will dip in her even before your bro turned the corner heading out of town. What if she has HIV or some other incurable disease and wanted to share it with you? What if she got pregnant and will stick you with child support and stay married to your bro? Every time the woman winks at you,she is simply saying I got u,I used u,I know about you,you easy,you messed up your own brother....

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