A Good Lay Becomes a Great Wife

I started dating my wife after she broke up with her boyfriend that she has been dating for a year and a half. She told me that she had been having s** with him for almost the entire time and I knew that he was not her first sexual partner. Since I lived on the same floor of the dorm as my wife's ex boyfriend we ran into each other and he told me that she was "a good lay". I told him that I knew that and it was one of the reasons that I wanted her. He thought that if I knew that they had been f****** then I would not want her and he could get her back. I told him the same thing that I had told her. That I didn't mind that she had f***** other guys. It also didn't bother me that all the guys on our floor of the dorm knew that he had f***** her first. In fact, I felt that she would be a better wife since she had s** with other men. I was right, she has been a great wife.

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  • You mate, are a poofter

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