Girls night out

One night my wife had gone out drinking with her sister and friends. Well around 1am I get a call to go get them they cant drive. So when i get there i manage to get them all in the car and on the way home they are all laughing and being drunk then my wife asks me how did i know where they were. I told her I have gps in you as a joke then i hear her sister (my sis n law) saw yes its probably from his peiced dik. That through me off a little bc as far a I knew only my wife knew. How does that conversation start and when it did what did they say. Now my snl and I have always had a good relationship and she would flirt with me when she has something for me to work on but im curious now how long she knew or what

Jun 23, 2020

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  • Well you should allow your sister in law try it out. If your wife shared that info with her they seem to be very open.

    Shoot I would say, “ honey, the other night your sister was talking about my pierced d***. How did she know? Did you tell her? “. If she says yes tell her” honey maybe you could invite your sister over this weekend and we could have some fun. I could show her my piercing and then I could do you both “

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