School Masturbation

I am a middle aged high school teacher. I have a fetish to j*** off in semi/public areas where there is a slight chance of getting caught but not so revealing that I can't j*** off to my full extent. So, when ever I'm about to leave school usually around 6pm, I would j*** off. i have many places I do it. It started off behind my desk with the doors locked. It gradually got more public. Leading to leaving the door open, to jerking off on the students desks. Then I started doing it in the teachers lounge. I loved c****** on the couches where they sit the next morning, thinking that the white stains on the black leather couch was food. I loved leaving my c** to dry. Then eventually I ended up jerking off in the girls change rooms, leaving my c** on the mirrors. The next day I did the same thing, but I got some help with a pair of yoga pants left behind. I loved leaving my c** on the mirrors, shower stall walls, or on the counter tops. I also jerked off in the girls washroom. I noticed they had these small metal bins on the walls where they dumped with tampons and pads. I love shooting my c** in there. Then one time, the girls basketball had practice, I saw some gym bags inside, I entered for 5 minutes, left with 4 bras, 2 shorts, 2 sport bras, 1 pair of panties and I bunched all the bags on the floor, where I came giving each bag a little bit of my c**.

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