Desperate to sleep with coworker

I'm a 27 yo female and I desperately want to get a 42 yo male co worker into bed. I'm in a long term relationship and he's unhappily married. So I know it's wrong but I just can't help the intense attraction to him and I'm so curious.
I've started to think he wants me too. He always makes an excuse to be around me and gives these lingering looks that I've never experienced before. He's trying to tell me something with his eyes but I wish he'd just come out and say it. Occasionally he'll touch me, my shoulder, my hand and its electric. The sexual tension is undeniable. I fantasise about him all the time, in my secretest fantasies I'd really like to find out from him what he wants in bed, what his wife doesn't do and do them with him to bring him pleasure, and give him my p**** that gets wet just at the sight of him.
I wish he would make a subtle but obvious gesture that he likes me too but I know he won't, and neither will I, the last thing I want to be is a home wrecker, but I'd love to tell him I always think of him when I get off with my vibrator at home, maybe let him watch one day...

Feb 18, 2015

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  • When the the time and place are right you will know it. I'm single and work as an account executive in a large downtown office. For months, this married 60ish receptionist has been hitting on me. I have to admit, for her age she's beautiful, and her husband is a lucky guy, but I had no real interest in older women. She always wears beautiful clothes and expensive shoes. I always complimented her on her shoes as woman seem to love that for some reason.
    One afternoon, I was down in the archives room in the basement searching for a file when I heard someone else walking around. It was her. She said that she had been looking for me as there was a client in the lobby looking for me. She thanked me for complimenting her on her shoes. She offered to take my file and her hand brushed up against the front of my pants. She just smiled. I told her that she should probably get back to her desk. She looked around and said that we had a little time. I knew where this was going and I mentioned to her she was married. The next thing I knew she had taken off her heel and was showing me her foot. I looked around nervously and she said "don't worry..nobody's here". She told me she recently got a pedicure and was flaunting her foot around like it was a trophy or something. I couldn't believe this was happening, she had the most beautiful foot which was surprisingly arousing to me. I don't know what came over me, but I knelt down and looked at her and she said "hello..I"ve been trying to give you hints for months". I kissed the bottom of her feet and took in the sweet aroma of her exhilarating foot scent. When I licked her sole I noticed she was really enjoying herself. She told me her husband isn't into her feet, and was trying to find someone to worship them.
    It's been two months now of sneaking around the office and she told me she has no intentions of leaving her husband, but little does he know I'm still kissing his wife's beautiful feet on the side.

  • Well, if you do what you fantasize, you will be a home-wrecker, not only in yours, but his. Next question?

  • If this is who I think it is, I want to be with you too.
    See you when the season starts

  • This is dj if this is c.e. Please stop when you see me again.

  • You're going to need to make the move. If he makes the move and he's wrong then he's thinking about how you're getting him fired and he's getting sued for sexual harassment. No, if you want him you need to do something really obvious like grab his crotch and tell him that's a preview. He's going to have to go to your apartment.

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