i'm sick of getting made fun of. you

i'm sick of getting made fun of. you don't understand how bad this hurts. i never thought i would run out of the cafeteria, full of people, crying infront of everyone, but thanks to you, that's what happend. and you had to do it the day of graduation. it ended up being the worst day of my life. i was so excited for it. why do you do this? i never did anything to you? do you get pleasure of bashing my feelings? i've never been so unhappy with myself. please god, make this stop, i can't handle this anymore.

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  • You'll get stronger and life gets better. What doesn't kill you will only make you stronger. Remember many of us have had out own days back in H.S. I was so dorky, now I can even say I'm a swan.

  • thank you so much, you guys are so nice.

  • I know what it;'s like to be made fun of all through elementary middle and high school. Once you graduate leave all the a******* behind. Go to college out of state and remember that just because they couldn't take the time to see you as a worth while person some one out there will.

  • That's really sad! people are just getting meaner and meaner, i know easier said than done but don't let worthless people upset you.

  • dont listen to them
    the bullies only bullied because they have been bullied
    theyll grow out of it n feel like s*** you wait

    always rememebr youre the better person what do they have?
    a reputation, meh!
    you win

  • Sounds like a drama queen to me.

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