I wear a cross every day, despite the fact I'm not Christian, because I'm hoping that one day, I'll be able to say I believe in God.

Mar 6, 2012

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  • How interesting that you chose to title this "Closer." It should be "Poser"!

    Jesus knows you're faking it. He's not as dumb or shallow as you are.

  • Maybe you should ask yourself why you need to. Is it fear? And say one day you do. Do you think you'll be anymore happy or complete?

  • I hope one day you're brave enough to admit the truth, that you DON'T believe in a god and that you alone are responsible for your choices, not some mythical god and satan. You don't need to follow the sheep, use the mind that the sheep say god gave you, and make your own choices about the world.

  • I believe in God and Satan but I am still responsible for my own choices, it says in the bible we have free will.

  • Try listening for God in places you haven't before. God's nature is expressed in his creation (including people, who are made in his image). Experiment with prayer. Read the Bible. I hope that one day you will find what you are looking for.

  • I used to be where you are.... try praying instead of hoping. Take action. Invite him into your heart and feel his love. I did.

  • W****

  • Your comment fails.

  • How about, DICKWEED?

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