can anyone give me advice on how to

can anyone give me advice on how to stop being shy, and talk to girls who i think are hot, even if i don't think i can get them or not.

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  • yeah I have some advice, first of all put your best foot forward and read women magazines. find out what they like and always have women around you that you are just friends with , preferably one that is not attracted to you , ask her to take you shopping and get a colonge no other guy is wearing and use it sparingly, i suggest Chanel , always be better educated and don't try and be someone's friend, come out with gus blazing let them know that you are interested in them , and learn to dance, if you are white get rythm , and really learn to listen to the music and be yourself. Don't come off acting like you want to be3 their best friend butknw yourself and don;t hang out too much with other guys , be a lone wolf and the rebel without going too far , i would suggest you get in touch with you ,, learn about yourself and never ever take a woman out for sushi , it smells bad on women or girls , and don't settle for less than what you know you want, and wea a rubber , vchild support is a b****.....bathe often and do not settle for less , take time to get to know someone , and make sure they are trust-worthy , as the guy you hold the cards , i say learn to ballroom dance and don't think there is anything wrong with cocky and selective, an if you have a musical talent all the better....i swear you will have to beat them off with a stick....get plenty of phone numbers even if they are just friends. if you want to know more let me know....

  • Ask the first girl you see what time it is. Say thanks when she tells you. Ask the next girl you see the same thing. Say thanks. Keep asking others. Have fun with it. Be sincere and honest...just talk to them. Ask the girls you find pretty or just ask anyone. It gets easier just to talk to them.

  • This does not sound like a confession but I will respond anyway. Shyness is a synmptom of people who are too nervous or anxious or people who have a very low self esteem, or people who are " Full of themselves"-this last category are the people who think too much of themselves and who have such sense of self importance that they can not stand the thought of being rejected. Which category you belong to-Nervous, low self worth or "Full of yourself?" Just sort this out and work on whatever your problem is-with or without professional help-if you think that you can fix it yourself.

  • Just start talkiing, about something trivial you have in common. suck it up and do it. It's the only way.

  • First of all you have to get over your fear of rejection. And second of all just walk up and start talking to them. I've been turned down by more girls than I've gotten but the ones that have went out with me have been girls I never thought I'd be able to get. I was just like you until I realized all you have to do is walk up and talk to the girl like a human being. No crazy pick up lines or anything just start talking to her. it's ok to tell her what you think of how she looks just don't dwell on it. If she's that fine she already knows it. Like i said it's not full proof because not all girls are going to like you no matter how nice you are but it gives you a better chance than some stupid gimmick.

    Second of all you never know. They may be feeling the same way about talking to you. I don't know how many times i've asked a girl out, she said yes and then while we were talking at dinner or whereever, she told me how nervous she was around me. So you never know.

  • What's always worked for me is finding a common interest and going from there... Do you both love sushi? Tell her you'd love to take her to this great restaurant you know. Relationships are complicated, so take it slowly.

    Are you still not into the idea of talking to a girl, let alone asking her on a date? Get some "practice" in first. Go to a website like or and search for single girls in your area. It's so much easier to talk to girls when you're not face-to-face with them and your fear of rejection will be so much less. Plus, you may even meet the perfect one for you. :)

  • Give them a cookie?

  • If only it was that easy. :-P

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