I would give anything to have a strong

I would give anything to have a strong caring man wrap his arms around me and tell me everything will be ok ....but I don't think everything will be ok and I don't think this will ever happen

Jul 8, 2010

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  • kso.

  • Everything is falling apart.

    ~ Nepharious


  • Hairy Vajj


  • This is like the f***** creepiest thing to ever happen on this site.

  • Whatever you do, don't go to page 1337


    - Hestacley Tairs

  • ???

  • My name is Hestacley, not Testacley. Testacley is that other a******, or whatever, but thanks for telling me. You're not my favorite god, but I'm a fan of you, too.

    - Hestacley Tairs

  • I'm sorry, Testacley, but I am not one of your pagan gods. I am Thor. I am friends with a few of yours, though. I've heard alot of good things about you.


  • Which one of our Gods is in here? I can't believe it, they are coming to us and we are special enough to recieve his gifts!

    - Hestacley Tairs

  • I am God.


  • OMG! That is my confession. How do you know that?

  • On the update after the one I am fortelling, I will reveal the meaning of life.


  • For those of you that doubt me, I will now tell you what the next confessions will begin with in order of time made:

    "it is my personal mission to ruin this site."

    "Dear B****-In-Law"

    "I wish I could travel back in time"


  • Even the strongest people need to feel comforted, protected, and loved. I hope you find someone. Another person doesn't make life better but they make it less lonely.

  • lol nub

  • i really hope you are a female. Please identify because its hard to tell the fruits from the nuts.

  • Why do you need a man to do that for you? Are you too weak of a person to better your own life?

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