He asked for naughty pictures, I've

He asked for naughty pictures, I've always been quite conservative. I sent them and he loved them. No ones ever made me feel so beautiful.

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  • trust me he showes people, ive been there done that...and if you really get him mad he'll threaten to show everyone you know.....

  • trust me from my own experience he WILL show them to others. don't trust anyone with naughty pics like that.....

  • Okay.
    If you have been with him for a while,
    and if he really cares about you,
    even if you break up,
    those pictures will not surface.

  • they will be on the internet so all of us can enjoy looking at your pics!

  • To commenter 8 are you crazy man? Naked body not to be worshiped? Are you gay man?

  • ^ I just have the most overwhelming pleasure out of doing something that is a little risky and by no means typical of me.

  • Your naked body is certainly nothing to be worshipped, doesn't matter how sexy you are. But honestly, as a guy, I know how we do. My friend who i don't even date accidently sent me a picture of her naked that she wanted to send to another guy. It just so happened that my name and his started with the same two letters and she stop one name to soon. Anyway I couldn't I showed themt to my wife and other friends of mine simply becuase the other friends didn't know who she was. But the point was I showed them. Maybe I shouldn't have but I did.

  • ^ they are only pictures of my backside with a discreet view of my breast, my head is turned so no one would recognize me if he did show them.

  • He might show them to others......but then again, he might not, fact is, you've kind of given him that option....Even if they do appear elsewhere, I doubt any kind of real damage will be done........unless of course your parents or someone very special to U gets ahold of them...I wouldn't sweat it though.....I think it's kind of erotic anyway...your naked body is not something to be ashamed of...it's to be worshipped....

  • yes he does. It makes him look like the man.

  • ^P.S. I sent them via e-mail, he seems conservative too. Do you think he shows them to others?

  • ^ No he is someone I have been seeing for a few months now.

  • Is he in jail?

  • I hope you are alright with guys other than the guy you sent you pics to j********** to your naked body.

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