I want to have a lady text me something naughty. Text me what your wearing and what your doing. Text me what you want to do to me. I want to m********* to your naughty text. Thanks



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  • My wife is a s*** who f**** other men all of the time. She is a sexy BBW and loves to suck c*** and f***. She loves to make guys like you feel good and get their rocks off. She does it a lot. I have no idea who all have f***** her. She will let you pound her and c** inside her p****, mouth, or both. Please c** in her p**** tho so I can clean her up when she c*** home.

  • I'm a guy who loves sucking d****. Wanna play?

  • You can suck my c***!

  • Okay sure if it turns you on. I'm 5'7 and weigh about 135 lbs. long blonde hair wearing a pink lace teddy with snaps in the crotch. I have one finger in my a****** and my other hand around my c*** and b****. How am I doing so far, lol? Are you turned on? Can you taste my p**** in your mouth yet?

  • You turned me on baby!
    More please?
    Talk dirty to me!!

  • Other than the OP your the only one telling the truth in this freaking post.

  • Once upon a time, the wife of a friend of mine sent me a text she'd intended for a guy she was dating on the side at the time. I hadn't known she was cheating, so I didn't tell her she had misdirected it, or that I knew she was having an affair. The next day, she discovered the mistake and called apologizing. At first, she said she'd meant to send it to her husband, but I could tell from the text that wasn't true. When I said I didn't care, and would never say anything, she relaxed and said she really appreciated my keeping her secret. "Maybe one day I'll show you how much I appreciate it", she said before she hung up. She said it kind of seductively, but since I already knew she was oversexed, I didn't take it seriously. Next time she and her husband came to visit me and my wife at our house (for a holiday party), we found ourselves alone on the patio, and she told me that last offer she made me was completely serious and that I could call anytime to accept. I laughed, pretending not to be aroused, but by the next day I could no longer restrain myself, so I called. We began an affair that night, and have continued it to this day. And not only is it the best s** I ever had, it's the best relationship I've ever been in. Goes to show you: fun with texts can lead to all kinds of beauty. Good luck with yours!!!!

  • Hi, I'm in bed right now in black lingerie and high heels. I got h**** when I get dress up. My husband is at work. I'm playing with my d**** but really want a real big c*** to f*** me. I'm going to lie on my stomach and spread my ass for you to lick and get it wet. Honey I'm going to lift my ass into the air and I want you to f*** my a****** really deep and hard. Then I want u to stick that 8 inch d**** in my p****. Oh yes that's the way I want it. Your c*** feels so good in my a******. Oh baby I love it in my a******. I'm gonna call my husband while you're f****** my a****** so be quiet. I want you to c** in my a****** while I'm talking to him.

  • Bullshit your a man with a small p**** whacking off to the same ole dumb s*** you did last night. Yeah you that's more like it.

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