one of my friends tried to commit

one of my friends tried to commit suicide last night. he said somethin about the world bein better off without him and then he hung up. i called him 83 times. he finally picked up and told me he had passed out. he told me there was so much blood. im only 15. what was i supposed to do? he wont tell his parents. i need to get him help. but i dont no how. i hate him for putting me through this. i just dont no what to do.

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  • well we dont like hang out at each others houses. so ive never met his parents. theres no way to get around him to talk to them. i dont even no their names. he blocks all of his friends from his home life. hes keeping pretty busy with work and hes got a new gf. -his parents have no idea. they have never noticed. he says they r really stressed out and he doesnt want to bother them. i dont think its that they dont care, its just that they dont pay attention..

  • ^ Wow, so he is cutting, sounds bad. That will lead to a suicide attempt. Right now like I said earlier.....It is his way of wanting help. Possibly attention from his parents. Any parent who really knows their children would be aware of self mutilation patterns. Summer time he may have lots of time on his hands, have you gone to his home. Have you asked him what his parents say about the cuts? Do his parents seem to care at all according to him?

  • well i would tell a teacher or consler but its summer and we r out of school (but thats good advice, thanks) --i told my mom and she just told me to talk to his parents, but i still cant get a hold of them. he used to cut and ive seen those marks. and today i saw the cut on his throat. he seems happy now tho..
    idk how can i get him help?

  • ^You need to speak with a trusted adult.. Teacher/counsler and have them contact his parents without giving over your name. Does he have obvious cut marks? If so let the counsler/teacher know where they are at so they can notify parents. Ask him to show you the evidence of these cut marks if they look pretty darn ugly please don't be afraid to tell anyone and be strong.

  • but i dont know his parents. ive never met them and i dont no where to find them. ive tried talkin to some of his other friends but i keep coming up short. --anyways i talked to him today and he was HAPPY. wtf? hes all depressed one day and then genuinely happy the next. bipolar? idk. but im tryin to convince him to talk to his parents anyways. -he says he doesnt want to put anymore burdens on his parents.

  • I agree, tell his parents. even if he gets mad at first, he will thank you later.

  • Obviously it is his way of crying for help. You have to talk with his parents, and him too if you know his parents are understanding. If you do not tell his parents and he kills himself his blood will be on your hands, you'll live with that guilt forever. You may loose him as a friend if you confide in his parents but he will still have his life thanks to you. This is a burden for mom and dad, do what's right and not what is selfish and tell his parents. Good luck!

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