It started innocent, I sent him some

It started innocent, I sent him some naughty pictures. He wanted more and I am starting to enjoy it. I sent him one of my p****, he told me he's never been so turned on. I feel a bit ashamed, should I?

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  • what does it matter, no one can tell its YOU. to them its just a v*****.

  • It's your damn v*****, you can do whatever the h*** makes you happy! There's allot worse things you could do! It's not like your mom is gonna surf the net and see a shot of your whoo and scream, 'Oh my God it's my daughter's v*****!' S**** people!

  • ^ no face shot at all.

  • No way! just hope he doesn't post them for the world to see. That can be very damaging to your reputation! Block out your face in the pics!

  • Male here. I believe that 'pruning the bush' looks good. Going bald isn't my bag baby. Who wants razor burn and ingrown hairs and pimples?

    Just trim the pubes. Go further if you wish but ask your lover about their preference. Groomed is good.

  • ^ I really don't mind, I shave myself for the looks thing now that I am an avid v***** flasher!

  • ^^anytime sweety. Question, should a man shave his pubic hair? I read that somewhere it's best to do so..I was thinking I will, but just curious what you thought?

  • ^Be proud of that c*** and take care of it ! And thanks to the other so called "s***"for standing up for me! Your awsome!

  • can I show you my c***?? LOL

  • Well i guess i'm a s*** too then...haha

  • ^And to add, Yes way to go for p****, for p**** gives life!

  • ^ well than color proud of my new found joy of the slutdom! Doesn't matter what you do these day's, letting a doctor look at my v***** would probably make me a s*** anyways! Oh and my p**** actually looked cute compared to the many ads i've seen, I am proud.

  • A s*** is a s*** is a s***. And you are a s***. Period.

  • So funny. Thank both you women for putting it out so I could see.

  • Awesome that you're secure enough release a picture of your v*****. Eventually it will become the ad at the bottom of a webpage trying to sell subscriptions to that p*** site. I've seen happen. All I can do is hope that my own few pictures will be swallowed by the glut of other pictures that look better than mine. :D

  • ^Well I guess graduating to slutdom at 30 isn't so bad. But hey I thoughts s**** become s**** from sleeping with people? Never said, I screwed him or his friends. Plus the lady in the s** ed books showing her p**** to everyome never gets called a s***. I did it for the betterment of mankind :)I am actually quite proud of my new found enjoyment, that does not require dishing out my bowl for everyone's sugar.

  • You have officially graduated to slutdom.

  • when i say do it i mean "IT" stop the extreme flirts

  • why dont you just do it? what if he shows everyone your p****

  • yes.

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