Scamming my MIL

My MIL had computer issues and i am an IT engineer. she keeps herself trim and shes pretty decent looking so i have been curious what she looks like naked.

as i was 'fixing' her laptop i found a site she has frequented. it is a 'flirt' site but a little more than that goes on. i found her screen name and decided that i would play a bit.

it was a few days later when she finally logged on. i text her and we struck up a conversation. i asked her for a picture and she sent one. she was fully dressed. as the days past she asked for a picture of me so i borrowed some off the web to remain covert.

i told her how sexy she was and pretty and kept asking for pictures. i told her that i lived in Pittsburg which would have put me 1200 miles away so i guess she felt safe. as the meetings passed she got braver and sent me some pictures of her in her bra and panties and some of her 'naked' but covered by the sheets on her bed.

it took more time and coercion but i got her to send me naked pictures. she cut out her face but i could tell it was her. it was almost 6 months later until i convinced her to send me full body naked pictures showing her face. she has sent me her naked and standing, naked on her back with her legs open, masturbating with different objects and she has even sent me close-ups of her t***, p**** and butt hole.

i in return have sent her actual pictures of my c*** and even a video of my jerking off on her pictures, she said it really turned her on. im not sure how much further i want to take it.

Apr 16

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  • Keep the chats going and don’t spoil that relationship. She will want you but will not want to jeopardise her daughters relationship with you. Be a caring n lovely gentleman to both ladies. You’ll surely be licking your MiL when time comes right. Don’t rush. Let her live n be happy.Keep chatting.

  • Buy her the same panties your wife wears and swap them out.

  • Take it all the way. She wants it. You want it.

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