Read my boyfriends texts and I had an unexpected reaction

I guess you could say I'm insecure. I've had boyfriends cheat on me in the past, so it makes me a little paranoid. I love my bf, and he loves me. We've been together awhile and I started getting that itch that he might be cheating, nothing I have proof of, just a feeling. Eventually my insecurity got to me and I looked through his phone to see if he had been talking to another girl. What I found, I completely didn't expect. One of his good friends that lives out of state he texts with alot. My bf and the guy used to be good friends before the guy moved away so they text alot. Most of it was just guy stuff. However, here and there my bf had sent him pictures of me that I had sent him, like, well, nude pictures. Sometimes my bf asks me for some and sometimes I just send him some when I feel like surprising him. We've never talked about like, other people seeing them. I was pretty p***** at first, but as I kept looking through I started seeing other stuff besides the pictures. He talked to the guy about our s** life. My bf has been trying to get me to be more of an exhibitionist. We've had s** in public a few times, but he really likes to get me to do it in front of windows at our apartment. We have a sliding glass door on the back and he likes to put me up against it. A couple nights he actually made me do it outside, but it was late and he said no one would see. All this he told to his friend. He would say things like he's getting me "broke" and "trained". He also said stuff like "b**** is learning to spread her legs when she's told". I was shocked, my boyfriend never acts or talks like this to me. I'm sort of ashamed to admit that it made me hot. I was p***** to start with but it started turning me on. I couldn't stop reading all the degrading stuff he was saying. Since then I have masturbated multiple times thinking about it. I always feel kind of ashamed or whatever afterwards, but I can't stop doing it.

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  • Say nothing. He is strutting his stuff with his friend,he's the top c***, the big dawg and master of his den. His friend only wishes he could have a fox as fine as you. Now you have the inside scoop on his thought process and you can use this to develop and grow your s** life together. If you want to f*** up his brains,the next time you and he are going somewhere, wear a skirt and no panties, while he is motoring up the road, put one foot on the right side of the dash, the left foot in the middle of the dash and start pleasuring your c*** right in front of him and the public at large. The only people that may see you is the occasional truck driver. when you have an o***** or two or more, feet down, skirt down, and put your fingers right in his mouth. Let us know how its going with you babydoll

  • Tell him you'll forgive him for sharing the nude photos and intimate details of your s** life with his friend if he'll forgive you for snooping through his phone but in the meantime you'd like to learn more about how he's going to make you his obedient little s***.

  • a couple of years ago i went thru my bf's phone and found messages between him and a guy friend that hung out with us a lot. there wasnt nothing to it really but when i checked back again a few weeks later i found some text messages about the 2 of them f****** on the dl and it had obviously been going on a long time like from before me and him started dating and then moved in together. at first i thought this is harmless and dont afect my relationship but then this guy started saying s*** in his texts about my bf dumping me and coming out of the closet and moving in with him. at the begining i thought it might end up with a 3sum and it made me hot for both of them, but then i realized the other guy was straight gay and wanted me out of their way. i confronted my bf and told him that he had to quit getting on the d*** and i thot that would make him quit bcuz our s** was so f****** good but instead he dumped me on the spot and said there was no way he would ever quit getting f***** by daniel and he wouldnt listen to me. the s** i had with my bf was better than any i ever had and now i wish i would of just kept my mouth shut bcuz that man knew how to f*** me so much better than any other man i had before or since then. i should of just let him have his own boyfriend on the side and not worried as long as he was taking care of my needs. so be careful with what you do here and dont let him get away just for this.

  • So because of your experience you think it's best I let him continue to show his friend and accept his attitude on how he thinks I should be?

  • u said u were getting off on it. first off what hes doing is just posturing for his friend to pretend like hes a 'bad boy' so its not doing any harm. and seccond hes making u hot for it isnt he? just relax and dont do anything rash is all i am saying bcuz u might drive him away just when things are getting interestsing. good luck!

  • He may or may not love you but he certainly doesn't respect you.

  • If his friend comes to town, I bet he talks to you about sharing you with his friend.

  • Sharing? I don't understand.

  • You having s** with his friend. and it sounds like you might be turned on enough to do it. It is incredibly erotic, but you have to be very secure in your relationship or it will s**** it up.

  • If it were me I'd let him know that you read his phone and say whatever you want to say on the matter. After all, its fair to have reservations about him sending your naked pictures around behind your back. I'd even antagonize him a little and try to push his buttons. I mean seriously, it sure was brave of him to talk a big talk about 'training you' to his friend but he isn't man enough to talk like that to you in person? Ask him honestly if he's afraid to take control with you. He'll probably double down on the domination angle and get more upfront with you, and it sounds like you'd enjoy that.

  • I don't know if I can, it still kind of p***** me off that he showed him. I'm so confused, part of me wants to call him out on it and break up and part me wants to keep reading his texts to see what he says.

  • There's a certain relationship men carry with their friends. it's not uncommon for two close friends to share the details of their relationships (both men AND women do this). i really wouldn't be too concerned about what goes on between the two men. i'm sure the photo sharing might be a bit unsettling and degrading, but he's more or less just showing off how amazing you look. if it really bothers you, then you can tell him you saw the photos and don't appreciate him sharing them, however you run the risk of having the whole "my phone is my phone, you have trust issues" conversation.

  • So you think I shouldn't say anything and just accept it?

  • I say confront him and let him know plainly how you feel. It doesn't have to be a big blow up fight, you just have to be honest with him. If he blows things out of proportion because you looked through his phone then it sounds like he is a bit of a s*******, frankly. If he is reasonable and actually talks things through with you I imagine things will mend.

    My .02$

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