Peeing on the carpet

My boyfriend and i live in a rooming house with the bathroom agh the other end of the hall. We are in the corner room with 2 windows, which turns out to be real helpful. Well, I always have to pee at night, but i hate to have to walk down to the bathroom, so one night i just decided to get out of bed and pee on the carpet. my bf thankfully doesn't care. He says, it's not our carpet. I've been doing this for over a month now, and since it's always warm here (we're in Hawaii), we can always keep the windows open and the smell really isn't bad. Lately, I've even been peeing on the carpet during the day, since I don't want to walk all the way down the hall to use the bathroom. What's the worst thing that could happen? We won't get back our deposit? Probably. Oh well.

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  • I would hope you are just bored and decided to post that stupid s*** here. If it's true, you are a Scumbag!

  • Stupid lying f***

  • You filthy b**** least get a bucket and throw it out your open window. If I was your boyfriend, I would throw YOU out the window!

  • Use a towel.

  • I second the thing about other people's property. So sad you are so self centered.

  • Grow up. Seriously, have some respect for other people's property. Have some respect for yourself. It's people like you that do s*** like this and try to justify that it's "okay". And then when someone ruins your property you have issue with it. You can't win that argument. Why would/should anyone respect you or your belongings? And you say you're just ruining the carpet. Opening up the window does not get rid of pee smell. You guys are just used to it. You may be ruining more than just the carpet. When they pull the carpet back to see the floorboards are damaged, the landlord can legally go after you for further repairs. And since it doesn't sound like you have will come to light that you two shitpigs are don't think that will get out? FYI..nowadays, landlords want a tenant history. Find out if you pay on time and what kind of tenants you are. When you move out and have to find a new place don't count on your current landlord as a reference. Cats and dogs are cleaner than you two.

  • I read your post and talked it over with my bf. We decided that the damage is probably already done, so I will keep peeing on the carpet. It's just so convenient. The floor is probably totally trashed, since now that I pee in the corner all the time, the carpet is permanently wet. I just don't care, I guess.

  • I love girls like you. Ignore the negativity from the narrowminds. P****** is fun. You'd be welcome to pee in my living room, lol

  • You should join experience project

  • That nice you like p****** on the floor when you get your own house will you keep p****** on the carpet

  • I hope so, lol. If not, she's welcome to pee on mine.

  • Your nasty as I don't know what.

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