Me and my friend with benefits

I was 14 yrs old at the time and she was 13, we had kissed a lot in a game of spin the bottle which really sparked me and her. One summer after that she should up at my house wanting to hangout. I took her to a little creek me and my bro found not far away. She stayed down there for a while until I spun her around kissed her. I didn't want it to be more than that but she kept going until we where on the ground making out and touching. We made out for hours while we slowly lost our clothes. Her b**** were so small but her ass was really nice. She gave me a hj and a bj and then she had to leave . The next day she comes over again and says we I liked that spot yesterday. So we went there and did the same thing. Bit this time we got fully naked and went skinny dipping in the creek and we made out naked and all. After that day we had our times were we would makeup and I would rub her, and she would grab me. She slowly got uninterested and now is mad at me and won't tell me the reason. I wish that if I could do it all over again I would just go out with her.

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  • Lying f****** s***

  • You comment on every post....get a job.

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