I must confess that I'm sick and tired

I must confess that I'm sick and tired of people on this site who use the phrase "Who are we to judge" or "who are you to judge" because somebody states the obvious. I just read a confession about a woman who slept with two guys behind her husbands back. I mean the MARRIED woman met a guy online and spent the hours having crazy s** with him and then the same day went to a dinner flirted with an old man and slept with him in the back seat of her car. Now when people commented that she was a w**** and a s***, then here came the who are you to judge comments. Are you people stupid or what. I guess she what, was just having fun? If she had been dating any one of those commenters who said don't judge and they found out, the first thing they'd say is she's a s***. But because it wasn't them in the situation they say don't judge. And in reality nobody was judging her. Nobody sentenced her to anything because she did this. They just stated the obvious. (Married woman + s** * two guys / the same day) / none of the men were her husband == trashy s***. But you people can't have it both ways. You can't do something like that and not expect that type of response. It just amazes me how people want to do stupid stuff and don't want to accept the consequences. I mean when I do something stupid (which I do) and people you were stupid for doing that, or your an idiot. I don't cry don't judge me. I take the consequences of my actions. But why do people on this site constantly defend the stupid and crazy people from reality. I mean if you want to sleep with your sister then you are sick and need to shoot yourself. If you want to sleep with animals they need to be in a hospital for mentally ill. I'm just tired of hearing that stupid phrase don't judge. And a commentor had the nerve to quote Jesus by saying "he who is without sin cast the first stone" If they really knew what they were talking about they would know that when Jesus said that the people were trying to execute a woman for adultery. They were not simply calling her a w**** or a harlot. They were actually trying to convict and execute her. That's judging. When somebody tries to sentence you for doing something. Not when somebody just states the obvious. Anyway I'm tired of typing.

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  • YOU TELL IT. Man I'm sick and tired too.

  • to the original poster, don't even be bothered , i think you are right . we all do stupid things and i think we need to be called on it , you keep it up , i think you hit the nail right on the head , and for people to call you stupid, they are stupid for lowering themselves to be so eager to insult someone....they are the losers not you ......keep up the sound advice...

  • I agree with you kind of. I'm going to judge people when they do something wrong, and if I knew that woman you mentioned, I'd think she was a complete w****.
    But, I like that people post those "who are we to judge" comments on CONFESSIONS because, obviously if they're confessing, they know something is wrong. They're not saying they're proud of what they did, they're just getting something of their chest. People she already knows are probably already judging her, and I think we're on this site to show a little compassion and make people feel better or help them out.

  • S***.

  • All of you are losers with no life.

  • Only god can judge

  • ^If it makes either of u feel any better, u can both suck my d***. u two little b****** are fighting over some useless s***, git a life, both of you!

  • oh and I guess you writing makes you right. And you must be some real brave little idiot that you can get online and call me a p****. Evidently you can't read you would know what the definition of judge means. Anyway get a life. I made a true statement and that's that.

  • ^You haven't ever read the definition of judge have you? Well, its okay, like I said you only have some b**** because you're online, and yes you are stupid. You would be ignorant if you read the FULL definition of the word and admitted you were wrong. You however have no desire to change your opinion ever, which makes you stupid. See that, I read definitions, so I know what words mean, and I can spell as well, you illiterate f***. Now I'm done with this you spineless p****, write back whatever you want, it won't make you right, and you might even get a little braver if you know I'm not gonna write back anymore.

  • I didn't change my stance on anything. If you read my post correctly you stupid idiots, i said that people need to stop doing stupid things and when people call them on it the respond with saying don't judge me or who are you to judge me. Nothing in my response has changed. And just so you know I don't spend my time trying to correct grammar on a stupid confession site. It's not an english paper. Second of all call it what you want. But whether I'm on the internet or in person I'm a man with mine. I can take punishment just a well as I can dish it. I never said it's ok to judge people, I used the confession of the s*** who slept with two guys in one day whiel being married as an example. She's married and slept with two guys in the same day. But when she was called a s*** and a w**** by the commenters on her post she and others responded with don't judge me. But nobody was judging her they were simply calling it as it were. The same way you I'm calling as i see it by saying you two posters are f***. It's simple as that. And no I won't say that I was stupid for what I said because it's the truth. How about you two dipsticks go look up the word judge.

  • ^^ Wait a minute, your confession says its okay to judge, now you're saying don't judge? I say you should man up and learn proper grammar, you must be an idiot. You don't know definitions, you can't type for s***, post above mine is right, you can say p****, w****, and s***, but you draw the line at b****? Let me guess, now that you found out the definition of the word judge, you've changed your stance on that too? Why don't you 'man up' and admit you were stupid about what you said, you won't though, guys like you never do.

  • ^I call bullshit on that response, you're too much of a spineless p**** to own up to anything, my guess is you only have a pair when you get online ,you jellyfish. If you're gonna say s*** and w**** say b**** too. Sorry if this p***** you off, but I'm only calling it as I see it.

  • To the second commenter-- First of all if I did something that mind numbingly stupid as you call it, I'm grown enough to face my consequences. People should call it as they see it. And for your information I've been on the other side of the fence plenty of times. I've done stupid things, and when somebody call me stupid for doing it, they're right. I was stupid for doing whatever it was. So instead of crying don't judge like a little p**** I man up and say don't do that stupid thing again. I mean not matter what a s**** a s***, a w**** is a w****, and a b*$&% is a b$*@#. I don't mean to just but looks like you fit all of the above

  • I agree. I read the confession you are talking about, and that woman is a s***.

  • hey wait i want to bang my sister, I think i'm better then some one who wants to bang a dog, at least my sister is a human.

  • ^^^^LMAO!!

  • Wow who p***** off Fred Phelps?

  • Feel better now that you got it out? You know, one day you're gonna do something mind-numbingly stupid and you'll want to confess it. when the shoe is on the other foot and people start making comments about you, I think you'll feel different.
    And as for that last part, look up the definition of judgmental, it has a broader definition than what you seem to think it does. I doubt you take responsibility for anything.
    I'm glad you were tired of typing, after the flood of s*** you wrote I'm sure other people are tired of reading it.

  • Well,dear,you should be tired of typing,my God!!!You really have no life,do you?Well,neither do I,apparently,since I bothered reading your silly ramblings..

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