I hate my exwife

My exwife cheated on me. I found out and still took her back. We we're allegedly working things out when she filed for divorce behind my back. She was acutally still with this guy and never ended it. In the divorce she took me for everything. I had no independent third party cooberation of her cheating and could nothing. So, rather than admit she was a lying, cheating s*** w****, she still used the system and got the kids, the house, my money and everything else.
I hate her so much. I look at her not even as a person anymore, but a "thing". I fantasize every day of her dying a horrible death. I used to feel guilty, but not anymore. I even fantasize about her being raped and used by numerous guys, used like the s*** w**** she is. If I could go back in time, when I was still living with her, I know I could have changed the course of things and had no regrets.

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  • Hate is like a cancer, it will eat at your guts until there's nothing left. As long as you hate her, she will think it's because you still want her and love her. She wins. Focus on your future, you can't change the past.

  • When you have kids, the woman has all of the power and will get everything in these modern courts, and she doesnt even have to let you see the kids to make you keep paying for everything.

  • damn g thats how you feel????

  • yes because his wife sounds like a f****** b**** w**** like someone i know. you should pay to get her smacked about! or killed so u can get ur kids. another way to get your anger out is f*** that f****** guy up, did he know about you?

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