Is this normal?

It is normal the fact i want to have s** with more than one man? I think s** with only one guy would be limited, great but limited. But the s** with many guys at the same time i believe it would be wonderful. Two guys or four guys or more would be perfect. The feeling that your body is desirable and feel so much pleasure and o****** at once. Even in my sexual fantasies i can't turn on if there is a woman with just one guy. If that makes me a s*** i'ts okay. Deep down i want to be a s***.

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  • I would love it if my wife was willing to have s** with me and other guys!

  • I have no idea how common it is for women to fantasize about group s**, though I suspect it's probably very common. However, I know many women who have taken the plunge and had threesomes, foursomes, g********, etc, and not one of them regrets it. And in the circumstances where I've been fortunate enough to participate, every guy has loved it, including me.

    As long as everyone is consenting, I see nothing wrong with it. Embrace your inner (or not-so-inner) s***!

  • Many woman fantasize about that.

  • There's nothing wrong with that

  • Thank you both of you !

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