i'm upset about your tattoo. i can't

i'm upset about your tattoo. i can't believe you never told me about it. that s***'s important. i never kept secrets from you, why did you keep that secret from me? all that time we spent together last summer. you couldn't have spent one second to just tell me you got a tattoo for her AFTER she broke up with you. no. of course not. and to think that i love you. h***, i can't even trust you to not keep a secret from me. did you do it because you cared and thought it would hurt me to know that, when i knew you weren't over her? it hurts more that you kept it from me. i'm glad you mentioned this online anonymity thing. i hope you're not on this site. i think you mentioned something about how you registered for yours. i miss you right now. you make me feel so nice. i'd almost consider being your girl while i'm away for college. but if you can't muster the courage to trust me, we're not going to work. i love you i love you i love you. i just want to scream it. every time we lay together, all i can think of it what it would be like to hear you say you love me too. but you're not mine. that tattoo solidifies it. you're hers. if we get together and she comes back, you'll go to her. stop living in the past. love me. i'm so scared you won't love me. so f****** scared. i've been rejected so much. i hate this.

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  • i didnt bother reading i knew it be lame after "I'm upset about your tattoo"


  • Its never gonna work. Just stop it now. One tattoo? One lousy tattoo and you flip out like this? Oh, yeah, if he mentioned the site, then he is probably on it, but you have to know that too.

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