My b**** are already sagging. I'm

My b**** are already sagging. I'm almost 18, and I've been a D cup since I was 14.

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  • Bras don't cause cancer dumbass.
    unless is a tight bra that squeezes the breast cutting off blood flow but even that would take years of wear.
    Trust me I'm 16 I had DD's, and they started to sag I bought better bras, made sure they were adjusted correctly, and yes I did lose some weight I am now 20lbs lighter and a size D and no more back pain!

  • I agree with the lose weight comments,if infact,you are over weight.
    But I have a tip: wearing a bra to bed does NOT cause cancer.
    I think it was just some myth because it may be "uncomfortable".
    You don't even have to do it all the time,but it helps prevent sagging.

  • how big are you? If you are overweight and huge then all you need to do is loose weight. But if you are small and have big b**** then don't worry you are one of the blessed women.

  • I love big breast, I don't think they sag that much at your age.

  • Sorry for your genetics. A reduction can be a solution. I've seen great results from one. Decide wisely if you plan on breastfeeding your future children. (Breastfeeding will also do a number on the girls sadly.) Look into REAL bras that support them. Not the pretty frilly ones with a pink bow on them. I love b****** and just shake my head at women who don't take care of them. They wear bras WAY too small which smash their breast and gives cleavage but hurts in the long run. Once those suspensory ligaments stretch, they are gone for ever. Girls who consistantly wear sport bras (uniboob!) will run into this problem too. I bet all the guys liked/likes you for the wrong reasons, eh?

    And about the 'lose some weight' comment. That might make it worse! It could amplify the sag, but would help with back problems and such, if you have them.

  • haha "lose some weight" haha that's so mean and funny at the same time.

  • lose some weight

  • Buy a vicky's push up!

  • sagging b**** are ok. Guys dont mind them and love large b****. Why are you worried?

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