I dont know what to do. Im sooo tired

I dont know what to do. Im sooo tired of being a virgin but i dont know who to give my virginity too. I've yet to meet anyone that i would want to have s** with. I do have this one friend that i could sleep with and there would be no strings attached, but i dont know if he would be into it. Should i just ask him or hook up with some random dude or just stay a virgin until i meet someone special

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  • ^How can you call a virgin a s***?

  • S***.
    Go shoot yourself.

  • go for the random people. there always the safest and the best bet

  • get a d****. you cant get AIDS from it

  • I'm turning 21 soon and i feel, that since i like girls who are out of my league i will die a virgin.

  • Virginity is overrated. You dwell on it too much. Sadly, society also measures you by it. Too soon and you're trash. Too late and you're an outcast who couldn't get laid. Its just sexual intercourse. What more important is the other lessons you learn in bed. Caring, foreplay, intamentcy, technique, and just what buttons to push to make your lover go wild.

    The actual act of losing your virginity will probably be disappointing. It could hurt physically or dissapoint you because it wasn't that glorious 'event' that you thought it would be. It could be really lousy s**.

    Instead of your lover 'taking' it from you, try thinking of it as the first step towards learning to be a good lover. That being said, the one you happen to have s** with should be able to teach you as well. Give and take.

    I know friends who were both virgins who were holding out for each other until marriage. Thats all fine, but they didn't discuss it at all. Since they both had different expectations for s**, losing their virginity together was awkward and it didn't go as they planned. It caused relationship problems and nearly ended the marriage. Counseling fixed it eventually and now they have three kids. So apparently they learned some lessons along the way.

    If you're waiting for that 'right guy', first look at your track record. Have you had many boyfriends? Do you meet a lot of new guys? If not, how is 'that guy' going to find you for who you are, THEN find out what you have to offer.

    Otherwise, ask that friend. Ask about his bedroom credentials. Set some basic rules before. Such as stop words, not just for stopping some 'action' due to pain, but also for emotional things like fear and nerves. Discuss what happens if 'feelings' develop and how you'll deal with them. Discuss the setting and how things will proceed. Discuss protection. Discuss expectations for what you'll feel after its done. You probably will be in a different universe while you absorb what just happened. Frankly, have a long talk about s** to see if you have any preconceived notions about it. Openness is liberating.

    For a guy who thinks virginity is overrated I've sure rambled on about it eh? Best of luck regardless of what you choose!

  • ^Thats right, manipulate them and force them to do everything in the world for you before you give it to them. That was sarcasm, by the way. This woman is obviously some kinda heartless shrew who suckered some poor schmuck into a relationship.
    Let me tell ya, her "women do this and girls do this", well thats pure manipulative crap. A woman is measured by her strength, her will, women are beautiful in all ways, "girls", as the poster above me wants to call them, are manipulative, petty and spoiled, they enjoy the boys "fighting for it." as she said.
    So here's what you do, just wait till you find someone you care for, and who cares for you, simple as that. Don't ever listen to these little vindictive harpies.

  • Would you give away your favorite thing to a stranger who doesnt care for your things like you do? Give it to someone who wants it and believe me- people want it. Make them deserve it. Make them fight for it, bend over backwards and beg for it. That is what women do- girls give it away without care. Be a woman and weait for a man to give it to, not a boy to forget about it soon after you give it.

  • Stay a virgin until you meet someone special. Losing your v is a big deal, and know that who ever you do it with, there will always be strings attached (at least your first time). When you give away your virginity, you will develope feelings for that person, so wait! Trust me, when you meet the right guy, he will appreciate you being untouched and pure. Save it girl!

  • Why is being a virgin making you tired? Is it because others are pushing you?
    I think you (through pressure?) are making too big a deal out of it.
    My best advice is just to wait for the right guy. He'll come around.... If you have s** just to lose your virginity, you'll most likely find that the s** won't be great at all.
    On the other hand, if you wait for someone where you have feelings for, it will feel more intimate, and therefore nicer and will give more pleasure and satisfaction.

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