My husbands friend joined us for s** one night I'm a bigger lady like bout two hundred pounds big my husband tall but skinny but his friend least my weight an bout six foot the other day my husband was working late an his friend texted me we both same age in early forties he wanted to know if it make me uncomfortable he stopped by being around us after the night a week earlier which was rather unplanned just happened so I told him no he came by him an my husband talked like normal but something rather odd happened my husband. Saw me go to the bedroom an I was gonna take a shower so his friend an him talked an he bluntly out nowhere told his friend go if you want to be with her alone she enjoys you a lot cuz your size so apparently his friend agreed an here he came basically my husband. Just opened are marriage an out being a b**** I went long but after an he left I got my payback as I left something for dear ole hubby to clean up down low an omg he f****** enjoyed it like a complete freak I was blown the h*** away an omg we had some of the best dam s** we've had in sixteen years . I hope it happens again often that sounds slutty but s*** it was awesome .



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  • Sounds like you got a pretty good deal take advantage an enjoy an give his ass all the sloppy seconds an cream pies he likes turn the table on him

  • You a fat s***, who likes to get f***** and your husband enjoyed it, so carry on. I'm a bbw but have to f*** behind my husbands back, id love him to give me permission. I also love bi s** with other big women

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