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I am 15, and I want to get raped. I know rape shatters lives, but the thought of a guy around 30 pinning me to the bed, violating me, taking my free will away, just makes me h**** thinking about it. Every time I m*********, its to rape. Normal s** holds nothing for me, and rape is the only thing that turns me on now...

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  • When I was a young man in a new town, I accidentally ended up in a gay club one Saturday night - I didn't know any better, but I left as soon as I figured it out. On the way home someone came up behind me and put a knife to my neck. Two minutes later I was down a back alley, trying not to scream (remember the knife?) as a tattooed, middle-aged freak forced himself into me. And all the while his two friends waited their turn, laughing at the expressions on my face as I was briskly raped. By the time all three had used me, the first guy was ready for seconds. When they finally couldn't manage any more, I had to walk home with their filth running down my legs. Believe me, you do NOT want to be raped.

  • Keep the rape bit and imagine other scenarios like the guy is 50. Fat. Druggie. Smelly. Or maybe the father of your second best friend. I suspect it's not that you want to be taped but you have a fantasy that turnes you on. Enjoy it but understand what "it" actually is

  • You don't want to be raped, and it's clear in what you've said - you have a clear view of the age of the guy, and where you want it to happen. You're interested in BDSM I would think - rape is when a man (or woman) sexually assaults you, they won't fit a particular 'type' that you like. Rape is about power, not s**.

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