Submissiveslave68 about to be a submissive s** slave for two first time im wearing a leather vest and fishnet stockings...about to lay on a dentist chair as one couple enjoy probing my virgin ass with a mechanical d**** well as my ass enjoying a large d****...they plan to whip and humiliate me as another couple watch me enjoy submitting to pleasure and reward is to make all four my slaves as i order them to perform kinky s** acts of depravity and one lucky girl will be chosen by me to get on her knees as us studs j*** off and drown her face with our hot c**...cant wait to titty f*** donnas dd t*** as her husband watches...sooo ready to submit to my maater and mistress...cant wait to get my virgin ass f***** one by one...first a*** beads then a d**** that gets bigger and bigger till my tight ass is gaping as it takes thrust after thrust as the four deviats watch on...i love to be watched and cant wait to watch as us guys use the two s**** for our selfish pleasure...gotta master is calling me to start the s** show! Oh yeah...finally im a willing s** slave to be used and ass is aching with a depraved virgin a*** w**** a f**** pornstar! Here goes...they will is my comnand...

Mar 12, 2015

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  • I am a 38 year old housewife. Our neighbours have a 19 year old son who is alone at home after college as both his parents are working. I am starved of s** so I seduced him to have s** with me. He was hesitant as he used to call me aunty from childhood. I promised to keep our affairs a secret. First attempt was very good experience. I just submitted to all his moves and made him dominate me. He felt good and from next day he googled p*** videos and directed to do as he told. I didnt feel bad but enjoyed everything he did to me

  • I to know what you mean for I am a s** slave for our neighbor who's 55 and I just turned 17.
    Mom and Dad don't6 get home till 730 pm so right after school 315 I am at his house stripping my clothes off before I get to his bed room and he's there waiting for me and his commands are my pleasure and I obay willingly.

  • How'd it go?

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