My friends father died and I'm not sorry

His name was Emory. I've never met anyone like him and I hope I never do again. The man had to be insane judging by the way he treated his family.

One day when I was visiting my friend he jumped and beat the s*** out of my friend his son. He knocked him down, kicked him and kicked him down the basement stairs and then beat the s*** out of him down there. Apparently earlier in the day the man who was a construction worker had been working with his son who had made some sort of mistake. I'm not really sure what it was.

He also would kick and hit his daughters and his wife. One day when his wife was pregnant he knocked her down and her baby was born mentally retarded.

Once when his youngest son shot a snake while they were hunting to prevent the snake from biting his father the man slapped the H*** out of him before his son could explain.

This low life excuse for a human being had a relationship with a black woman and when his wife found out he beat the s*** out of her for not wanting to have s** with him.

One day this piece of s*** of a human being became ill. He went to a doctor and it was discovered that he had prostate cancer. He got weaker and weaker until he was hospitalized. He was in a great deal of physical pain and he eventually died.

Nobody gave a s***. He didn't have a funeral. Nobody cried. His family is well rid of his worthless ass. I'm not religious but if he isn't in H*** then god doesn't exist.

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  • What does the woman he was having an affair with being black have to do with anything? Thank heaven's he's dead though. He sounds like the d********* of the century.

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