My dad beats me.

I recentally turned 16 and my father still beats the living s*** out of me. I don't know how he is f****** 48 years old and can still f****** man handel me. It's compeltly bullshit. He is nothing but a fake b******. I've been lifting weights and s*** but he makes it impossible for me. If he sees me on his equipment he'll beat me. He took me out of gym classes an told them I'm not aloud in due to health reasons. F****** j******. I could kill him. My mother left me with this f****** g******* monster when I was nine. He beat the s*** out of her too. No f****** wonder I'm left here alone. What's even better us he is a godamn cop. He has a f****** loaded gun and all his other bullshit. I hate him. I really do. I can't f****** talk to him, about anything. He rolls his eyes and tells me to get a shrink. He has put me through h***. He checks my facebook messages texts phone calls everything. F****** everything. I have to delete my history off my laptop. My phone turns off at ten everyfucking night. I'm f****** sixteen man, lay off. It's f****** redicouls. I smoked weed with my friends for a damn ling time and when he finds out he f****** hit me across the face in front of them and put me in rehab. I'd kill myself if I could. But I'm waiting to get strong, I'm waiting till I can beat the living s*** out of my old man and then maybe. I'll do it then. He hates everything about me. He hates my long hair, which isn't even past my f****** g******* chin. He hates my music. My f****** attudite. My fuxking smile. My f****** clothes. Everything. I can't f****** drive until I start getting Bs which is f****** redicouls because I have Ds and there us no way in f*** I can get them up. I'm in f****** highschool man. I don't give a rats ass about collage. I'm joining the g******* marines. One day I'm f****** going to find my brother an mom and ask them why the f*** they left me. Why they never came back for me? Why they let me get beat whipped and molested by my father. I'm obviously not enough for you.

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  • Dude, you are frickin gay :(

  • Da dute tu in pula mea de copil autist te-am crescut de mic copil si tu ma barfesti asa jigodie

  • I feel you. My dad beats me for everything and then blames it on me. my mom also always goes on his side and shouts and screams at me. I feel like everybody hates me.

  • Dude clearly your mom had no choice and left you behind I am sure it's breaking her heart everyday !
    You said he is a cop so she knows she can't do a damn thing ! More then likely he threaten to kill her if she took you .
    You need to get out of the house NOW !
    When you were in rehab why didn't you report your dad is raping you and beathing you ? That was your chance to get away from him dude I would of never gone back to him .

  • (continuation of last anon comment)
    After the call, you need to run as far from where you took that call PRONTO, because they most likely will try and find you. They'll probably try to convince you that they'll protect you from your father, and even if they try, it might not succeed and you'll be in your father's hands again.
    Don't stay at a friend's house if your father has any way of contacting your friend's parent's, or if you can't trust your friend's parents to keep your stay a secret. My father almost got caught by doing that. I would honestly go out of state and find a very cheap camping ground to take shelter in, or even a homeless/woman's shelter. Many women's shelters will take in younger people running away from abusers or rapists without contacting authorities. Again, wit comes into play as you still have to know who to trust. The rest will be history, as the women/homeless shelter's providers will try to support and help you get back on your feet by the time you're legal. If you are too afraid to run away, then you'll just have to brave it out. Don't start trouble with back-talking to your dad, pretend he's always right and stay on his best side if possible EVEN if it makes you want to throw up (trust me, I know that feel, but in the end they're the suckers and you're the winner haha. It's a game of manipulation!). If at any time you feel your life is in danger, though, it's better to try and get out of the situation than to be a sitting duck. Sorry it's a long type. I tend to do type a lot in serious conversations, lmao. At least know that even strangers on the internet care for your well being. I give you my best of luck and more... You're strong. That's why your dad tries to keep you "weak". He knows he's screwed if you lift any of his weights, haha! You'll make it through. Just use this time to become a better person than the one's you were raised by! Any future kids you have will be some of the luckiest. 8']

  • My dad was spanked bare butt for absolutely no reason by his father, even when he was 17 years old. Finally one day, he tried to spank my dad.. he took off his belt, and right before it hit, my dad grabbed the belt with his hand and pulled his dad's face up to his. It stung his hand, but he just stared his father down for a good 10 seconds. His dad was shocked enough that he didn't even say anything during those seconds. Then, my dad put his free hand's index finger up in his father's face and said, "That's the last f****** time." He let go of the belt, grabbed a bag full of clothes he had already packed up to run away with, and left.
    My dad would get calls from his friends about his parents wanting him to come home, but he wouldn't, and in return child services let him live with one of his close friend's family until he was of legal age.

    The best thing you can have right now is TACT. Outwit your b****** of a father! Keep your mouth shut (as hard as it is to do that) when he yells at you and be as decent of a person as you can. If the authorities get involved and find out you've cussed out and protested your father, the less of a chance they'll be on your side!
    If you have a video recorder or mic, set it somewhere it can record your father verbally/physically abusing you. That will give you evidence to use against him, if needed.

    I don't promote running away, but if have money saved up, if he even lets you have a job (mow peoples lawns behind his back, even!), to support yourself, then it'd be in your safety's best interest to do so. Especially since you said he's molested you.
    If you do run away, then while you're on the road, find a payphone or borrow a stranger's to call child services. Respectfully give them a location of the recorded evidence you'll leave somewhere safe for them to take, tell them that you've been molested by your dad and in no way will you allow yourself near that man again.

  • Can you email me please. I'd like to talk with you. I live in Canada and my named Amelia.

  • Im 16 years old my father treats me like s***. My mother left me all alone with him and he was married to an 18 years old girl she beats me and she encourage him to drink alcohol and once I heard her talking to her boyfriend about putting poison in my father's food and when he die she will take all his money and run away with her boyfriend.... Also I hate my dad I tried to tell him but he never listen I don't know what to do I'm f*****.....

  • Take a hammer and break his brain while he is asleep.or better yet.take some battery acid and put it in his ear drum.and make the p**** scream like a little girl.then leave his dead body lying in a ditch beside the highway.then runaway to South america and become a cattle herder.Peru is a nice place to live.Playing the peru flute is alot of Fun.

  • Do this .... First get him angry and let him beat the s*** out of you make sure he leaves marks. Then run away and break the law while you do it like steal a car or steal his car and wreck It don't be scared the bigger the offence the more that everyone will know that something is wrong ( make sure you have the marks on you at this time) . Say that you were in fear of your life from him and can never go back but make sure it's bad enough because you can never go back you are going to ruin his life from this. Then you will probably make the local news make sure you tell the police you want to see a lawyer when you go to jail if the public defender doesn't believe you get on the phone and start contacting every lawyer in the book one of them will take it because of the publicity. When you get emancipated sue the son of a b**** for every dime he has and use it for your college education and go live yourself a nice life.

  • No No No, wait a minute, the proper thing to do here is go to the newspaper, that's right. the newspaper, and blow this dude up in public, it is 2012, you do that, and this f***** will be on Nancy Grace tomorrow night, and you will be permanently free. That is the way, in public, blow him up. Unless you made this up, which means, you need to get a shrink, but if you are sincere, and it is still happening, blow him up in the media first.

  • You all think you have it tough? My uncle rapes me, I see dead people and voldemort killed my parents.

  • F*** u a******

  • F*** u

  • one time when i was 13 years old i saw my dad beating the s*** out of my mom so i took my metel baseball bat and whacked my dad in his f****** head there was blood everywhere but he survived it would happen almost every night

  • i'm only ten and my dad does all that stuff 2 me... but i don't smoke crack or do marijuana

  • umm... u must have had BEAUTIFUL parents who always protected u from bad stuff or sumthing, this is reality... ppl r beaten all the time

  • HAHAHAHAH and HAHAHAHAHAH then HAHAHAHAH with a little HAHAHAHAHAHAH.i mean nobody is allowed to be treated like that.*LAUGHS*

  • omg call the cops because ur dad had issues!!!!! Never let anyone hit u like that and try to stay away from him!! make sure you keep strong hun(K)XXX

  • You think you have it bad? When I was a child my dad would actually push me down the stairs, and point his gun at me, saying "I'll kill you if you don't shut the f*** up". Then when I was 14 I was raped by some person, and when I told my f****** dad, he just laughed and said "you loser! ha!" I hated my f***** up life, and he would actually punch me in the face. My mother when I was 8 said that she had enough, so she packed up her bags. Then when I asked her if I could go, she just said "no, you piece of s***", so then I was left with my dad, who would rape me, and touch my b**** a lot, which greatly disturbed me. Every night he would come home dead drunk and shoot holes in the ceiling with his gun, and then he and his friends would come and force me into s** with them. FINALLY when I was 18 I left, and because my dad had stolen my money, I couldn't go to college, and I still haven't. So I got a job and had to live with my friends for a while. After I had enough money, I got a loan for a house. Then my dad broke in one night and stole my stuff, then molested me until he was ready to leave. So I called the police, and they found him smoking weed with his drunk friends, and abusing a teenager's v*****. So we went to court, and he was drunk as always. When he was there with me. Then he just walked up to the judge, pulled down his pants, and raped the judge. He was sent to jail for life for:
    •Rape of over 250 women
    •Smoking pot and illegal drugs
    •Abusing children
    •Murder of my mom, after she had left
    •Murder of many other people
    •The raping of a classroom full of girls and a teacher
    •Breaking many houses (including mine and many others)
    •Thievery and the use of a gun to kill a person
    •Breaking out a friend from prison
    •Killing a federal officer.
    •Leaking top secret government info he'd heard from a friend
    to the press.

    I'm actually pretty amazed he'd gotten away with all this, and no one called the police after they'd been raped, or maybe the raped people were the ones who had been killed. So now I'm really happy, and my life is really great. So I
    suggest just running away, and asking if your friends if you can sleep over (if their parents are nice). That's what I did several times when I was a kid, and my father always came to get me back. As a punishment, he would take my clothes off, and whip my b****** until they would start bleeding. Then he would rape me.

    Please don't laugh at me. If you do, you would be laughing at a person haunted by a horrible childhood.

  • Omfg he is gnna burn in h*** for what he did to u i jst cnt believe that ur own father would do things like that his d*** should be chopped off shoved down his throat and pour petrol on him and light him on fire that piece of f****** dirt!!!!!!!!!!! deserves worse but i cnnot think of it right now

  • Wll wat kind ov a dad was he??well parents can never be allways trusted..NO ONE CAN EVER BE ALLWAYS TRUSTED..THERE ARE SOME VERY GOOD PARENTS..but some parents abuse their children and WORSE..which is very wrong..very bad

  • God bless America............thank f*** I don't live there!!!

  • U.S.A go F*** yourself.

  • WTF are you talking about? This happens everywhere...and in some cases it's worse outside of the states.

  • Look, Anonymous, while your heart's in the right place, your ideas are simplistic. I'm not sure if you've ever been afraid to go home, but it's not a black-and-white issue of call the cops or live with it. And his father's intentions are irrelevant for now. One day, he might see that his dad meant well and be able to forgive him. But now, he needs to protect himself and understand the mistakes that are being made so he doesn't repeat them.

    Original poster, seriously, unless you feel like he might kill you, hang in there. This isn't safe advice, but foster care isn't safe either. Learn his moods and how to avoid him. Appease him (let him feel like he wins) until you can get out of there. Pretend it's a really long chess game where you let him think he's going to intimidate you forever, but YOU ARE GOING TO WIN IN THE END.

    HOWEVER, Dude, if he's currently molesting you, GET THE F*** OUT. If you have a close friend's family or just family, go there. Actually, even if he's still just knocking you around, find one friend whose parents your dad is cool with and stay there as much as possible.

  • Stress about your grades and school. I am also in highschooland trust me if you stress about school you spend so much time away from school. My dad also treats me like i am a peice of crap. I am a straight A student, vice president of the Freshmen and in other clubs. I dont date because if i did my dad would follow me and yell. So just try to stay away from home it works. Good luck! Hope to see you in the Marines.

  • hes angry and saidly taking out on u not right for him to do this.
    but u got try not pass on what he has done to you for that to happen more to do then jsut say im not going to thats the begining
    pray for you

  • This is really sad. I feel for you. You should be in a safe home where you feel loved and protected. And no one should be hitting you. For just one moment, I'm going to play devils advocate..meaning a lot of what you're venting about seems like life is so unfair. For starters, your 16 and completely dependent on your father. You're not an adult and by being a minor you must live by your dad's rules. As much as they suck, they're in place to protect you. Like him checking your facebook page - s*** like that. You know making sure you're not getting into trouble. He's a single father raising a son. He most likely loves and cares about you but has no idea how to show it. A lot of men are like that..not the hitting thing..but just have no idea how to deal with teenagers. And it sounds like your relationship is just disintegrating fast. So he gives you a ton of rules to follow and there are all these can't do this and can't do that - most likely making you crazy. Basically he's being a parent and a cop all in one. And he just doesn't understand you because he has no idea how to talk with you/relate to you. Right?
    You're p***** off because you want freedom. You want to drive, you want to wear your hair and express yourself..but he just doesn't get that. I feel for you. I think this situation is really self destructive for all parties. You're dad should never lay a hand on you. Period. You do have options. Talk to a guidance counselor at school, or call CPS (Child Protective Services) if you are in fear of your life and you most likely will be taken out of the home and placed into the foster care system or with relatives..and hope for the best that those will be safer places for you. But there will still be rules. And they could be even stricter then what your father is doing.
    I do think you need to speak with someone and learn to express your feelings and your anger (about your mom, dad, life, love etc) so you can develop proper tools for dealing with this.Don't harm your dad, you definitely don't want to go to jail. Keep up your grades and hang in there. Be smart. Go to college or the marines..But go and get help. Good luck!

  • Ok, wow. F****** reeeetard. You deserve to have the f****** s*** beat out if you. He obviously did not takeyou over his knee as a kid, he should have. He still should. You need a good ol' spanking, no s***.

  • Bt u should be very careful..if u hit him u shud have surity that he shouldnt hit u back..or u dont deserve jail

  • F*** off you little s***, Hes getting abused by his own father, how is he a r***** when his dad knocks him about ever very minute of everyday?!! His dad is the retarded one and quite frankly, YOU ARE AS WELL, saying the kid deserves it HE DID NOTHING WRONG!!!! YOU AND THIS GUY'S DAD ARE THE SCUM THAT PLAGUES THIS EARTH! Are you saying that in order to be a man, you have get beaten up continually by your old man,that's wrong to say that, you're just sick in head mate, I think you need to be thrown in the nearest loony bin and locked up with all those over weirdos for the rest of your miserable life. Yeah, that's what you are, you are a nerdy little insecure weak f*** that feels the need to rub off his troubles on others, you are a bully and people like you are a symbol of everything that is wrong with humanity and nature itself!!! You're dad is probably a weak minded retarded gay w***** (like yourself) that most likely beats you up and rapes you hard up the a*** all day and all night. F******, B******, F****** C***, W*****, F*****, NERD, TROLL, EVIL F*****, C*********, YOU ARE ALL THOSE THINGS ROLLED INTO ONE! And, if your mum is a total opposite of your f***** father (meaning she is a very kind caring person) then she must be absolutely ashamed of not only the monster of a man she married, but you as her son, who has turned into a complete k***-head equal to your dad. Oh, and trust me when I say this, when you get carted off to prison for being the nasty h*** spawn b****** you are, there will be people 100 times as worse as you! Scary to imagine isn't it? But there are psychos in the world that just don't have any degree of humanity, in other words, they just don't give a flying f*** about anybody. So, read this message and think about what you have said to this lad, if you are the type who bullies people through the internet to get a kick out of it, then you are a complete and utter saddo. YOU ARE NOTHING YOU PIECE OF DOG S*** I BET IF YOU WERE KILLED NO DECENT PERSON WOULD GIVE FIVE HURRIED S****! GO TO H*** AND BURN THERE FOREVER WITH YOUR SON OF A B**** FATHER WHO RAPES YOU UP YOUR ARSEHOLE, AND IF YOU DIE, EVEN BETTER, HUMANITY DOESN'T NEED THE LIKES OF YOU, IT IS LITTLE SQUIRTS OF C** LIKE YOU WHO GIVE HUMANITY A BAD NAME!!!!!!!!! GO KILL YOURSELF YOU F****** WEAK, WEEDY NERD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SEE YOU IN H***!!!

  • Take all that you have learned and better ONLY yourself. Your mom left, you dad sucks, its you now. Better YOU! keep your head up, get out when your 18 and proceed with a happy healthy life with wonderful friends and make your own family. Even though he is a cop, please look into going into protective child services right after he beats you and you have evidence.

  • Thank you. Really man, i know idk what I'm going to do. I feel like I should but what if he finds me or finds out before I get the chance. He would just beat me with in an inch of my life. It's bullshit, idk I've tried to run away and I didn't get far. When he found me, I just know never to do it again.

  • Dude i was 18 before i was able to beat the s*** out of the b****** that abused me and my brothers our entire childhoods. The sight of him lying on the floor holding his face is one i will never forget. ON the plus side im 30 now and i have made it a point to never repeat the mistakes he made with me and my brothers with my own family. Though it seems like its forever now your teenage years will be a distant memory in no time. If you are set on joining the Marines do it becuse YOU want to and not becuse of him. And remember he has taught you how NOT to act towards others, make it your mission in life not to become him.

  • Thanks dude. Yeah I can't wait for that sight. It's keeping me going.
    When he is down. I'll keep him down. I won't repeat what he was like to me to my kids. I just won't.

  • Hang in there, but don't derive pleasure from more violence. It's a way better feeling, a way more adult feeling, to smile confidently in the face of the b****** that beat you than it is to literally beat him too.
    The thing is that deriving that pleasure out of hurting him (and it would feel damn good), would teach your brain that hurting people feels good...which is, you know, how some of us got here. I know you say you won't go there, but once you feel that power and release, it's hard to stop.
    Don't let him win by stooping to his dumbass level. Continue on with your life and be the best you can be. Also, in about 5 years, tell a couple of his cop-buddies about the beatings. I doubt he'll still get invited to poker night...

  • Also, please remember that it ALWAYS gets better. You will own your life as long as you don't let your memories own you. Hand in there, man - you'll make it through.

  • I agree with the last 2 comments. As a troublesome teen myself, now with adult children, being a teenager sucks and you should hang in there get strong for yourself and leave asap. Good luck with the long hair in the marines though kiddo. I'm proof the last person is right. The universe does take care of a******* like that.

  • F*** EVERYONE A****** WHO LEFT A D******* COMMENT. Listen kid, this is going to be the worst time of your life. Being a teenager SUCKS. But hang in there, get strong.. Not for him but for yourself. Don't even worry about beating his ass, just show him by leaving as soon as possible, making a life for yourself and never talking to that peice of s*** again. The universe will take care of his punk ass. You're gonna be alright man, just hang in there. I wish you the best.

  • Tenage life duz not suck...i mean its not necesary

  • Thanks. I'm f****** glad you feel that way. You don't know me b****, you dont know s***. No f****** child or women should have there hands put on them. I deserve to be beat instead of punished? Thanks ass hole, fuxk yourself.

  • Woah f*** sorry man last comment meant for the on above you!

  • No worries. You know, I'm actually shocked by how many people go OUT of their way to leave negative comments rather than putting effort into doing something good. It's a f****** shame. This s*** will only make you stronger, keep in mind however, that it's a sick stupid little circle and you have to work extra hard to make sure you don't repeat it and fall into his foot steps. What he's done is not okay.. Good luck :)

  • Dude. Really man? Like beat the s*** out of him in the middle of the night. Doesn't matter uf he is a cop.
    Wouldn't you rather be in a juvie. Like furrr real man. Just get him get his taze and f*** em' over

  • B careful..don let him hit u!!!!!!!!!!


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