man i got defrauded this summer for $3400 and noone gave a s***. not the cops not anyone. i mean it's not their fault that it happened to me, it was my own for being a r***** but s***, they could've at least tried. well whatever, till this day anything that reminds me of that day i kinda tend to avoid, i just keep telling myself that its alright and that i can push past it. but s***, that money was suppose to go to either a new car (mine sucks) and a new computer (for college). it really p***** me off that someone gets away with commiting grand theft and no one cares.

i've read that if you play it right you can have spirits do evil things to those that hurt you, well its a nice thing i have a ouija board in my closet.

I hope it's true so that m*********** suffers.
I don't want him to die, I want him to suffer for the rest of his life.

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