More than one

God here it is only 4:30 and I'm worn out.
It all started about 6 hours ago and my car broke down on my way into town and this older gent stopped and asked if he could be of assistance and he gave me a ride into town to get someone to come out and look at my car and he dropped me off at a service station and the mechanic took me back out to my car to see if he could get it started.
No sooner did we start back towards my car he put his hand on my thigh and began to rub and what made it bad I was wearing a mini skirt and sitting there my panties showed a bit and 30 seconds after he put his hand on my thigh he was fingering my p**** and three minutes later I had my first o*****.
He pulled of some side road and he began to eat me out and I c** on his toung three or four times I lost count and he pulled my thong off and I didn't even know when he took his pants down but I saw this massive c*** staring at my pus and little by little he started putting it into me and 10 seconds after he got it into me I c** h****** his c*** and he began giving me the f****** of my life and I kept c****** on him I couldn't stop. All the time he was talking very dirty to me calling me all sorts of names s***, c*** lover whole lot more and I pulled my legs up and he began to get all of his c*** into me his b**** were slapping my ass driving me insanely c*** hungry and he was giving me all of his 7 inches hard and then we c** together and as we caught our breath he asked if I wanted more and being I was so high I said yes and he called someone on the radio and 10 minutes later three guys showed up and the driver of the service truck had me hotter than h*** all the time waiting. Less than a minute when the guys showed up I was getting another f****** and a c*** in my mouth and I became their s***. Yes a s*** for I took all four of them on more than once.\
The one Mexican had the biggest of them all 11 inches and thick and I f***** him four times only getting his c** in me twice but I couldn't resist his c***, oh it felt so good deep into me and he gave it all to me. Righty now I am a bit sore and I was invited to go to a dance tonight by him and I accepted, I'm hoping to get his c*** again.

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  • Some girls have all the luck!

  • Or some guys just come on here with their fake bullshit stories

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