It annoys me when you dont pay that

It annoys me when you dont pay that much attention to me.

And dont respond fast enough...

and about that thing you said, and you keep asking me if it bothers me and I keep saying "no."

Well, it does bother me.

And yes.. I would love for you to quit!

I'm afraid I'm gonna have a deadbeat boyfriend like my sisters.

I dont want you to smoke pot...

maybe once in awhile is okay.

But RARELY EVER if at all.

Please dont be like them...

I want to be better than my family.

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  • Pot head huh? Ewww!!
    Total turn off! Id rather date a drunk lol.

  • Stop trying to be such a controling b****! The only person in this world you can control is your self! So, if it bothers you that he smokes, the door is open, don't let it hit you in the ass! Oh, and I think you are a b**** because you talk about wanting to be better than your sisters. So it will make you better if your man doesn't smoke pot?? Wtf??? You need to come on down off that nice high horse of yours and take a dose of reality girl! Maybe you would be a better (and nicer) person if YOU toked up, s***!


  • This idiot posted twice in a row with stupid posts spaced out terribly.

  • He doesn't respond fast enough? What is he, your butler? Here's whats gonna happen, you'll stay with him and try to change him, he won't change of course, which will just make you stay longer and try to change him more. Instead of looking for someone that will make you happy the way you want, you will waste a lot of time with him.
    Break up with him.

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