Is this a phase?

I have always been a "good" boy. I think of the consequences before I do something. I'm starting to dislike the way I am. No one's perfect. Why should I try to keep a good image of me? Lately, I've been thinking of just breaking all the rules. I want to experiment and don't worry about what I should or shouldn't do.

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  • Do it bro. I used to be a goody two-shoes and now I'm super-f***** up and I love it. I drink, do drugs, use people, have s** with both genders and love it all. Just respect yourself, respect yourself while limiting yourself when cutting loose. Enjoy the darkside buddy, it is the best!!

  • Be careful...some people make bad choices that effect the rest of their lives in a negative way.

  • As a kid I was very obedient. A perfect child. My parents were strict but in a way i liked it. Now in middle age i question who i am.

    I would say go rebel. Break a few rules. Please though be respectful of others. Don't kill someone

  • Shitcunt

  • As much as I'd like to do the same sometimes, I have too much good in me to change who I am. Gotta admit tho, when I do reach my breaking point like the other night, I truly enjoy how careless I feel.

  • No your just a f****** c***

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