I really don't get it

Jennifer Lawrence isn't a very good actress, and she's not very good-looking either. I don't understand at all why she's such a big deal.

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  • She's an Oscar winner. What're you?

  • Word lool!

  • I think she's actually pretty good on both counts. She gives good performances in every film she does, but there are moments in American Hustle where she is really exceptional.

  • Well ur not gona be attracted to everyone shes way finer than most celebs

  • Hahahah

  • Forget J.L! Roll on "Tom Hardy"
    If given the opportunity, I would ride him like a horse! :)

  • Authentic actress! Good for you Miss Lawrence!

  • So untrue. The OP is right: she's an awful actress and only tolerably attractive. Nothing special. Nothing at all.

  • That's your opinion and the OP's. You're entitled to your own opinions. Just like,
    I'm entitled to my own. But that doesn't mean, our opinions are accurate and based on truth lol šŸ˜

    Each to their own.

  • I don't like her either overall. But one thing I do like about her is that she is so nasty. G****** I love how nasty.

  • Do you know her personally or just fantasize about knowing her?! I think not!
    So how do you know, she's nasty

  • LOL. Have you ever seen her on a talk show?? The b**** is filthy and it's obvious to everybody, except maybe you. :)

  • No one knows everyone in this world.
    So whom are you to state, "it's obvious to everyone" has everyone told you it is!

    You believe It's obvious to you, as that's your opinion and perception of Jennifer Lawrence. But just because that's your opinion, doesn't mean everyone is going to, agree with it.

    "We" as hunan beings, are entitled to have our opinions and voice them. It's our "human rights to do so"

    Each to their own, man :-)

  • { yawn }

  • Boo ya! Lol!

  • Yeah, I'm a woman and I feel the same about Chris Pratt. And now the two of them are in one movie together . . . a movie that I won't see. :)

  • Why give a s***, it's all irrelevant!

  • She is kinda hot--lotsa guys would dip their wood into her, if given the chance. However, she is one of those types who is mostly famous for just being famous though.

  • Lots of guys wish they could, tap their wood inside her!! Just because a guy is a walking d*** and has a D*** between his legs, doesn't mean, he has automatic access to every female's v*****!!

  • I'm not saying I wouldn't tap it . . . I'm just saying there's nothing special about her and there's no serious talent there.

  • Good. Because if given the opportunity, she probably wouldn't give you the chance, to tap it, as you so nicely conveyed it!
    She may have standards!

  • Your opinion, is just your opinion.
    Just because you think, Jennifer Lawrence isn't pretty and can't act, doesn't mean people are going to agree with you and neither does your opinion impact the success, significance or decline of Jennifer's acting career.

    But hey, everyone is entitled to their own opinion and this mine.

    Regardless of what you think, Jennifer is rich.

  • I agree^. She's okay, but an Academy Award? Please......

  • She was in a franchise that was very popular and made a lot of money. Thanks to those movies now every action movie has to have a twentysomething attractive girl kicking men's butts in it.

  • I can see that, and I appreciate your input. She's riding a tide that she didn't put into motion. It's a fair point, and it's a good one. Thanks.

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