Wife and "Oscar"

My wife and I are happily married and have a healthy s** life. We do some pretty kinky things including letting the family dog lick and penetrate her. He loves it, she loves it and I love it. He licks her for awhile and then mounts her. He thrusts fast and hard and finishes very quick, then he licks her clean and starts all over again. One day he did it 12 times before she had enough. It started when she admitted doing it as a teenager with her family dog so I asked her to try it (she was very happy to) and now it happens a couple times a week. She has called me at work before while doing it as a tease. That is all.

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  • This is one of the few genuine posts about this subject on here. Its rings true, I should know, several of my own wives and s** partners has done the same thing.. This isn't bragging, its just fact, and stimulating to the author because unlike most of the crap posted on here he knows knows it to be true.

  • This is b*********!! Stop this disgusting act of intercourse with animals.. Just can't understand what're you people thinking!!! Please stick to your own kind!!

  • And you.. Please stick to your own threads.. How DID you arrive here except by title and 'dog' search?

  • I can't believe that I found this hot as h***!

  • That's kinda hot Tbh..

  • Ive never let my dog penetrate me but have had him eat my p**** ... i need to tell my bf i wanna use my puppy again. ??

  • I let my dog f*** me and love his rough tongue on my c*** and love sucking his c*** and his s**** in my mouth.

  • How long have you been into dogs?

  • A couple of years. It started when I fingered my self and c**, I sat with my legs open my juices running out of my p****, my bog began licking me, with his rough tongue, then he mounted me and f***** me, he c** quickly, his fat c*** swelled in me, I loved it and he. Licked me every day

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