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Me and my boyfriend are new to s**, so we've tried a few things and here's what we think! T** sucking: This is him doing it to me of course and it's something that we both enjoy very much. Masturbation: We both equally enjoy doing watching and doing. Oral: I like to receive but I'm not so keen on giving whereas he loves to give and is not all that bothered at receiving. Butt licking: He absolutely loves doing this, and I wasn't sure about letting him do it at first, but now I'm more relaxed with it and quite enjoy feeling his tongue on my butt hole! Toe sucking: We read that some guys are foot fetishists and so we thought we'd give it a try. Sucking my toes didn't do much for him and to me it just tickled. Panty sniffing: Something that we picked up on from this site and he absolutely loves it. I also quite enjoy knowing that he is turned on by sniffing my panties. Pee drinking: This is something else that we've noticed crops up a lot on this site. I'm quite happy to let him drink my pee if he wants to give it a try but it isn't something that we've done as yet. P*** star poses: Again this was something that we read about on this site and we both absoutely love it! I love posing for him while he masturbates and obviously he totally loves doing it. When he's c** that's when he usually licks me out because I'm always really turned on by then. So these are the things we do but we love reading going on the internet to get ideas for other things to do as well.

Sep 9, 2018

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  • He likes to eat your c*** so why not take it a bit further ,,Let him c** inside your c*** then make him lick you clean afterwards . If you arent sucking his c*** then you need to start doing that immediatly .A good girlfriend always lets her man c** in her mouth and no matter what always swallows. Since you sucked his c*** and let him c** in your mouth why not share the experiance with him by kissing him right after he c***,,It is up to you if you swallow first but make sure to french kiss him

  • You guys sound like you enjoying your sexual life! Experimenting, together and exploring each other’s bodies. That’s great, i love that you let him eat your tight a******

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