The hot little blond boy

When I was 19, (I'm a girl) I went to watch a movie-The Invasion- a remake ot an old science fiction movie-The Body Snatchers. It starred Nicole Kidman and a gorgeous little blond boy who played her son. The first second that this boy appeared on the screen, I got the hardest crush on him. He is f***king gorgeous. He has a beautiful face and those eyes are incredible.I not only got a crush for him, I got the hots for him like you would not believe. Yes, he was only 9 when he appeared in this movie, but it made no difference to me. I saw this movie again and again just to see this hot little blond boy. Everytime I saw him, a fire would start between my legs and I would get sooo hot for his hot little body, it drove me crazy. When the DVD was released, I bought it and watched it at least twice a day. Am I the only woman who thinks this 9 year old boy is gorgeous, hot and sexy? Is there anyone out there who feels like me? Comment and let me know.

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  • It is a little odd. Maybe if you found someone close by you'd forget the boy, and remember the new man you had. Imagination is one thing, but getting the real thing is even better. You'd definitely walk around with a bigger smile on your face! ;)

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