Fit girl

Im a guy and I confess that I crave for muscular (not to big muscles) athletic women the fitness kind. I spent lots of time looking their amazing bodies . This have become my obsession to the point that I start buying really cute gym clothes, leggings, tops and really cute gym jackets. I fantasize about becoming one of them. My dream begins with me waking up in the morning and noticed that my body has changed over night and I trapped in this fit, sexy girly psique. I turned in this gorgeous brunette with straight hair that goes to my shoulders. My face is just . gorgeous. I look at my transformation and I have amazing Little Rock hard b****. My shoulders are so wide and strong, I flexed my arms and my guns pop up. My abs are gorgeous and well defined. I have a tiny waist and round firm butt. My c*** Still there but I’m so hot that my erection is huge 14” and super tick. I go and I choose the cutest girly athletic pants. I combined with this sexy top that make my b**** look just beautiful. My dream ends by me going to the gym and feel so desire, so powerful and girly.

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  • This dream just makes me so h**** I love spandex as well and I can imagine your transformation into this muscle gorgeous girl but you still have your juicy huge c*** there.

  • How sad

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