My dirty little secret

Hi, i've changed the names for privacy reasons. so lets start with me, i'm paige,i'm 5"1, have blonde/brown hair,tanned skin, the brightest blue eyes and amazing teeth. my brother josh, ughh hes perfect hes every girls dream, hes 6"3 very tanned, dark brown big eyes, amazing brown hair and his abs, they make me dribble.i found my brother hot for years, i've always teased him. bending over in short skirts, (im ver petite, and toned/skinny). one day i asked him to help my with my home work, so i have noot long come home from school so i was in my uni-from, but i unbuttoned my shirt and tok my tie and bra off, you could see my hard erect pink nipples through the white shirt. so i sat down, i pretended to drop my pencil, so i bent down to pick it up, my school skirt was very short, and i was wearing a white thong, my p**** was freshly shaved, i seen him looking at my p****, he bit his lip. i could see his tent growing, he put his hand on my p****, i stood up and sat on his lap. he pushed me on top of him, facing him, i could feel myself getting wet by the feel of his d*** pushing up me wanting to get in. he said "you've teased me for so f****** long, not anymore baby sis". he pushed his lips against mine. he carried me upstairs and pushed me on the his bed,he took my skirt off and spread my p**** lips, he sucked on my c*** and tongue f***** me, i was screaming his name and rubbing my nipples while he did it. i had never c** so much. he was then sucking on my left nipple while playing my right, he then f***** me, ohhh gosh i had never been f***** so good. his d*** felt like home for me, we have been doing this for a year now. we always do it when we our parents go out of town. hes 18 and i'm 16. hes mine. i enjoy it call me a s***, just don't be jealous. untill next time. goodbye....


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  • Please stop the incestous relationship at once before you both are found out! This isn't good for your spirit & soul either.

    If you're so h...., go for d**** that aren't related to you!!

  • Very sexy. Just don't let anyone find out.

  • YOU S**** YOUR BROTHER!!!!

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