Darkness Within

I have seriously violent thoughts. While I've never acted on them, they can be quite compelling. Some are sexual (no, I won't detail them), some involve physical violence. But all are sadistic.

I find myself often struggling to control these urges, these cravings. Most of the time, I just want to rear back and drive a knife into someone's jugular.

Of course, I don't own a knife, so that would be hard to do. But that's beside the point. The point is, I want either want to kill you or sadistically sexually assault you, and then kill you.

Kinda creepy.

Jan 30, 2012

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  • Lol, Hal. You're both paranoid and wrong. If I would be jailed for my thoughts alone, I'd have been sentenced to death years ago. As for being tracked, well, that's not as simple as you seem to think.

    Random, pointless, internet arguments aside, the other person is correct. I have no acted on my thoughts. Well, not in a murderous way. I have gotten into fights before, and I did threaten one girl with a fork. Again, that was 8 or 9 years ago, though.

    Anyway, nothing in particular happened to me to cause these wild ideas. I didn't have the happiest of childhoods, but nothing over the top or illegal or etc. I just have violent desires. Sometimes.

    And who said I was a dude, anyway? Anywho. Doctors are all bullshit, anyway. Had a few, took some of their pills, and all I got out of it was a mind-numbing six weeks I barely remember. So, s**** them.

    I seriously doubt I'm going to suddenly become a serial killer anytime soon. But, if I ever start honestly feeling like I might float that way, I'll be sure and do something about it.

  • Uuum... but if you ARE going to become a serial killer, just kill rapists and murderers because the world could do better without them :) You'd be my hero.

  • So you're a girl? That would be even scarier xD

  • You're not off to a very good start. Posting stuff like that on an internet forum makes you very easy to track. Maybe you just want to go to jail?

    I have similiar thoughts to the ones you're having - only I want to punish people like you who seek to hurt innocent people or cowardly attack people when they can't defend themselves.

    What happened to you for you to want to do this to others?

  • He is just having bad thoughts, he's not acting on them.. I hope so O_O. And if he were to get tracked, he could easily say that he's a troll or something. In any case, poster, you need to find the reason why you are having these cravings. Were you sexually assaulted, or did you witness such horrible incidents when you were young? Maybe you have an illness that causes some imbalances in your body (find a doctor).Whatever you do, please don't hurt anyone because you will ruin other people's lives and that way you will never be a good person.

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