My Mom's feet

I'm 18 years old and I am in love with feet. My mom has the sexiest feet I have ever seen. She is 41 years old and has size 5 feet, she always has pedicures and takes care of her feet. All I want to do is tell her my fetish for her feet but I'm afraid that she might reject me. On the other hand she could allow me to massage and worship her feet which would satisfy all of my urges. When she walks around the house barefoot I can't help but stare, so much so that I think she might know about my fetish. All I dream of is kissing and sucking her toes, but my ultimate fantasy is her giving me a footjob. My sexual desise for her feet has developed so much that I m********* just to the thought of her feet. I also now look at my mother in a different way it's almost like I have sexual feelings towards her and ultimately want to have s** with her. I mean she is a good looking woman with size D b****** and she has a flirtatious nature which doesn't help my urges. Someday I wish to tell her how I feel and being that she's single I hope we can make our relationship sexual too.

Dec 15, 2014

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  • I love my moms feet she has beautiful soles and I like to smell them when she’s asleep and sometimes try to kiss them without her waking up

  • That's hot! My mom has really sexy feet too. Size 6 with dark red toes. I also m********* to my moms sexy feet almost everyday. I smell her shoes and socks when she gets home from work all the time. I'm thinking about her feet as i type this out haha. I'd love to talk more about our moms feet on hangouts.

  • I j*** off frequently to my mom's feet. I sucked her toes and even rubbed my c*** on her soles.

  • Me too on my mom's sexy feet. If you wanna talk about it send me on hangout

  • I am 39 Mom is 65 and I'm in love with her bare soles and she knows it I kneel and take off her sandals and rub her feet I even tie them up and kiss her bare soles her feet are my prize my trophy my property and were both happy

  • That is soo hott and sexy please contact me would love to talk more about this with you

  • I have some interesting s*** about this if u wanna talk on twitter @cole9401

  • I know what you mean I like my mom's toes to there so sexy i wish she would let me suck them and the there bubble gum pink.

  • My mum is 33 and I'm 14 and she wants me to give my c*** as feet massage. She wants us to smoke cigarettes together while we do that. I have asked her to give me a smokey bj she said when the time's right and when that time comes we'll be having smoking s** as well.

  • I j*** off in my moms shoes

  • I know what you mean man. Not only does my mom have a big mouth she is so sexy. She is 5’1 and has size 5 feet. Her feet are flat and chunky with sexy wrinkles. I first noticed I had a foot fetish when I was 6 years old. My mom and I were going to the pool and she was wearing flip flops. I started staring at her toes. There was something about them. I noticed she had had chunky little toes. I immediately wanted them. Not only that but she has big b**** too. I want to f*** her feet sooo bad.

  • My mom is 59 yrs old. She is 5’1’ has high arched size 6 feet and I love rubbing and playing with her

  • I'm 19 and my mom has allowed me to do my foot fetish on her. I wear her clothes all the time, and she's totally cool with it. She knew I liked her feet and let me polish her toenails or rub lotion on them. Then one Sunday, we were both wearing sexy lingerie and mom tied my hands behind my back. Then, my dream came true. She sat in her recliner with her feet raised, and she was wearing sexy backless open toe shoes and fire red nail polish. She told me to remove her shoes with my teeth. Then she looks at me and said "you know you want it", and I started kissing her bare feet. She heard me moan with pleasure, and then I was sucking her toes and licking her feet and between her toes. I have all to do not to come in my panties. I live for it, and the difference is my mom has size 10 feet

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