** at work.

I'm 18, and have been working in fast food for the last six months. And recently got moved to the night shift where it is extremely boring and most nights are slow. Well one night it was slow and boring I was playing on my phone and bullshitting around with one of the guys that worked there.

Well all night we had been talking about ** and it was making me extremely **. Well one guy bet me ten bucks I wouldn't show him my ** at work and just to prove him wrong, and being ** I did it. And he paid up. The rest of the night they went on and on about it. Trying to get me to do different things.

Well after a few more dares one said he would ** me right there if given the chance. I said ** and that he was too much of a ** and he wouldn't have the guts to do it. They then flip it on me saying I wouldn't have the guts, and started calling me a liar and a tease. And said They Would turn off the cameras if I would do it.

So again I found myself, ** and wanting to prove them wrong so I agree to it. Next thing I know I'm being banged over the counter. We weren't but a few minutes into it when the manager showed up and saw me getting banged.

Needless to say I lost my job. And my friend who still works there says the cameras were never turned off so there is a video of me getting ** on camera and everyone else who works there has now seen it.

I'm so emberassed but I did it to myself I guess.

Next Confession

I know it's wrong, but.......

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  • Well yes, you obviously are a **. But if you enjoy that kind of thing, get another job where you can ** the d**** of the other workers and get f***** by them. it can be fun. I know a fast food place where the young dudes ** their d**** and c** onto the food. it is a gas. might as well enjoy life. If you are a sexual being, go for it.

  • Dumb unsupervised children like you are why I don't do drive-thru much, and never after about 9 PM. You're bad enough slacker dumbshits during the day, but even bigger ** at night!

    Also, this particular story is **.

  • Lying witch

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