I have to confess being a voyuer, my roommate is about 28 years old, I've always been attracted to her she has a very beautiful face, wide hips, and very beautiful big butt. She went out drinking one night and in the morning I got up to use the washroom, when I went in I saw her getting dressed in the washroom after a shower, I got a full view of her ass naked, I closed the door right away. But ever since then I've been getting aroused by the thought of seeing her naked. Yesterday I got another great look at her I was in our kitchen after she showered, Shen she came out of the washroom she only had a towel around her hair. The other towels were getting washed so she had to rush to her room naked. Recently I've taken to sniffing her panties, last time she caught me and grinned a little and asked what I was doing, after when I went to the living room, she asked how long I have been doing that, and said she thought it was weird but she was on with it, now she leaves used panties in the washroom all the time.

Apr 7, 2015

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