I hurt my bestfriend really bad. I

I hurt my bestfriend really bad. I asked her can she talk to a boy for me cause she was in his class. So everyday they were talking about me. So her boyfriend AND me thought they were getting too close. He ended up leaving it alone but I wanted to get revenge. So I hung out alot with HER boyfriend and we were talking on the phone and everything. Then I could tell that she was getting mad but she didnt say anything at all. Then about 2 weeks later, we got on the phone and she wanted to have a emotional break-down day. So I told her that I thought that her and my man were getting to close then she said the same about me and her man. I couldnt go on without telling her about what I did so I went ahead and told her I was doing it on purpose. we were crying for at least an hour and a half. Come to find out, she said that she wasnt getting close to my man on purpose and at that moment, i felt SO bad. The next morning, she said that she was not sure if she can still trust me and that she cant look at me in my face the same. I still feel guilty to this day. If the girl in here reads this and know who im talkin about, IM STILL SORRY!!! Luv ya and I will never do that again!

Jul 8, 2010

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  • are you 12?

  • that is so sweet i forgive you <3<3<3

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