Christian Convention

I was 16, I was expelled from public school, my folks made me attend a weird Christian bible school. After I began there, I was invited to attend a 4 day long christian convention, at the University of Oshkosh in Wisconsin. It was just me, this other creepy druggy kid and two other stuck up females on our bus with this husband/wife pastor team that were a couple of jesus freaks. We stopped at a drug store at a truck stop and I took the opportunity to steal a bottle of whiskey and some champange. (I was a model child) Once we arrived at the convention they had us all come together to register in this huge gymnasium at the university. I immediately could tell I was going to have the time of my life. Literally thousands of christian girls in their homemade dresses. All of them came from these weird boarding schools, appearently they exist all over America where these crazy rich christian people ditch their kids. I immediately made friends with a group of the hottest girls I have ever seen. They told me all this weird stuff how the boys at their school were all lame and never flirted with them because they where in love with jesus. It was so easy, I just started talking to them about having this party, (we were all staying in dorms at the university, girls and boys alternating floors.) All the pastors and chaporones were all so nieve. I remember we were having a mass that night, (it was more like a seance??) I was just in the bathroom railing speed (dont judge, a was a 90's gutter punk) and I remember having the hugest grin on my face as I stumbled to the altar when they were like "who feels the power of christ inside them!" I do! I can feel it.! every single girl there was giggling and falling in love with me. Later that night, like 5 of the girls and I were hanging out on one of the balconies, we were all smoking pot and joking around, I was like these girls never had a chance to loosen up, EVER. We went back to the dorm I was staying in with the creepy kid, our group grew bigger with some of the other guys from their boarding school. We were having the best time, drinking, listening to music. By the end of the night everyone was half naked making out with someone. I will never forget this girl Jessica. Anyways im going on and on. My confession is the next morning we were on the elevator in the dorms going down for breakfast, just me and Jessica, she lifts her dress all the way up, wearing black thong, and bra, she just says, "take me", she stops the elevator and we just have the best s** I have ever had in my entire life. I never really talked to anyone about this convention. Wondering if there are any people out there that have similar stories of these conventions to share.

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