My arrogant friend

I am a cold person but to true friends I show them my kind side and my friend "Z" is my best friend like I tell her everything but then because I didn't tell her one thing she got all sad and depressed I gave her a note ?? telling her that it was okay for her to tell me her feelings and that I knew she was hiding things.she told me to never talk about it again I agreed but I was very angry I told my other close friend that I hated her but after I had calmed down I realised that I wasn't really angry at her but too late my other friend
Had already told her that I hated her so she got upset told my friend that she wanted to tell me to p*** of I was like I already did ( this was afterschool and me and my friend were messaging each other) and my friend told me that soon as Easter break is over I should watch my back. I just p***** like what does she want me to do!?.

Apr 12, 2015

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