I have a serious but rare disorder. It

I have a serious but rare disorder. It is called V***** Dentata. V***** Dentata is a condition in which teeth grow out of my l**** minora. I was born in a third-world country and lived there until I was five and moved to the states. I didn't have the money to afford the procedure to get the teeth removed when I was younger. So now, I am an attractive, fun loving, 27 year old with all the potential to find a man. But i have V***** Dentata and so I can NEVER have intimate relations with a man....

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  • Consider this comment me calling you out on your bs....made me laugh tho lol thank God for google


  • that was a really bad movie. way to be insanely uncreative with your lies...

  • GALGAMEK V*****

  • LOL. I was like....teeth..growing from your v*****?? WTF??
    Then I read the comments :P

    Wow, I'm really gullible.

  • Hey that might feel pretty good! Do your teeth bite down really hard or soflty?

  • I'm not putting my d*** in that thing,

  • insert a mouthguard! LOL:))

  • Yeah right! i gotta call complete bullshit on this one! I bet you posted this because you wanted to see how many people would believe it!

  • I wanna f*** you.

  • LOL Wtf???? Teeth in the p****! That is really really gross. If there really are teeth in your v***** (eeww) it may be a tumore, cuz they grow teeth somtimes.

  • L****^^

  • EMILY?!?!?!

  • You recently watched a movie called TEETH. Its a comedy/horror story about a girl with a non real world condition called v***** dentata. Some guys try to sleep with her and they get a nasty surprise.
    You're not the only person with a DVD player genius.

  • I've gotta call bullshit on this one.

  • It's completely fake disorder; used to keep girls in latin american countries from having s**.
    But if you are really worried go see nurse at a clinic like plan parenthood. Maybe you do have some disorder, but it is not v***** dentata.

  • I'll pray for you.

  • L****

    teeth growing out of the p****. too funny.

  • ^Oh, Thank God! I had some really nasty images in my head!

  • This is a fake disorder.

  • That is really gross. ^yeah, why can't you have them removed? And what the h*** causes this disorder?

  • you can't remove them now and why?and in wich way you can't have s** will it hurt your partner or will hurt you?I never heard about this dissorder is to bad for you ihope there help for you god bless!

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